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A Fanatic Heart is the sixth episode of the first season of Fate: The Winx Saga and the sixth overall episode of the show. It also serves as the season finale of the first season.


As the Alfeans fight for survival, the truth about Bloom’s destiny is revealed. Can she help defeat the Burned Ones — or will evil outperform magic?


Bloom is extremely desperate to get to the truth of her past, but in the process she has completely disregarded the safety of the students at Alfea. She’s willing to do anything to speak to Rosalind. Who upon finally meeting her calls Bloom special. She tells her to access her flames and to lean into her instincts. Meanwhile, her friends wait outside, and Terra wonders what is taking so long. Her friends return to the office without Bloom, and Dowling is furious at them. Aisha stands there guilty of being the one who snitched.

Bloom uses her powers on the barrier surrounding Rosalind and frees her. By the time Dowling gets underground, they are both gone.

With the rumblings of war incoming, Alfea tries to do its utmost best to maintain discipline, but it almost feels pointless in the grand scheme of things. Stella, Musa, and Terra are in a lot of trouble and Professor Harvey expresses his disappointment. Terra tells her father that he’s lied again and that it doesn’t make sense to punish them. Harvey locks them in their dorms and Stella is furious at Aisha for being a snitch.

Elsewhere, Bloom begins to learn who Rosalind really is while Dowling looks for the two women near the stone circle. Meanwhile, Bloom asks Rosalind about Aster Dell. Rosalind confirms that Dowling’s account of what happened is true. She explains how Aster Dell was rife with Blood Witches, so she used the opportunity to destroy both the Burned Ones and the witches. As part of the conversation, Bloom realizes her birth parents are likely still alive. Rosalind then confirms that the Burned Ones are after her power, which is why they keep coming. Bloom is the reason for all of this. She’s the special one.

The threat of danger increases with Sam ending up hurt by one of the Burned Ones in the school, as he warns Musa and the others that the creatures have breached the barrier and are inside the school.

Meanwhile, Rosalind keeps trying to activate Bloom’s true power. She wants her to enjoy the feeling of power and also help her recharge. Suddenly, Bloom stops and realizes that Rosalind is using her. Rosalind tells Bloom that she gave her First World parents a second chance because the key aspect of Bloom learning her powers is love. However, she promises to find her birth parents. Suddenly, Bloom receives a message that the Burned Ones are in the school and she decides to head back, with Sky conveniently finding her on the way.

Despite all the chaos, Sky is annoyed at Bloom for drugging him; admitting that he is upset because he opened up to her before the kiss. Bloom tells him that she doesn’t want to be a “damsel in distress” and that he would have stopped her from carrying out her plans.

Dowling prepares the students for battle and with the help of some of the fire fairies, secures every entrance to the school. She subsequently announces that the Burned Ones have infiltrated The Barrier. She mentions that while Solarian troops are on their way, they likely won’t arrive in time to help them out. Thus, Dowling prepares them for the harsh reality that they may need to defend themselves. She tells them to be brave in a rousing speech.

Eventually, Bloom makes her way back inside Alfea and tells Dowling that Aster Dell was full of Blood Witches and that her parents were not there. Dowling becomes agitated and tells Bloom that she’s being manipulated, and questions where Rosalind is. She learns that Rosalind was at the stone circle. Dowling reveals that this is the school’s main source of power which is used for things like the electricity inside the school, to power the barrier. In that moment, both women realize Rosalind is the reason they are fighting for their lives; the former headmistress sucking out all the power.

Riven helps Dane give aid to an unconscious Beatrix. While they help her, Riven asks Dane if he is gay. Dane tells Riven that he does find him hot, but he also finds Beatrix hot too in a different way. Beatrix wakes up and immediately snaps into action.

Terra and her father do all they can to help Sam, who is struggling with an infection from being hurt by a burned one.

Bloom admits to Sky that she should have been honest and apologizes. Not long after, she kisses him, and confirms that her feelings toward him are genuine. Sky vows that he will stand by her no matter what. Bloom has a plan and grabs Aisha and Stella.

Before the battle, Silva tells Sky that his father Andreas died during the tragedy of Aster Dell. In reality, Silva tried to stop Andreas from going through on Rosalind’s plans and the pair fought; which resulted in Silva killing Andreas. Silva was trying to stop Rosalind’s plans, but in the end, he was too late. Sky is upset, realizing his father was not the hero everyone painted him as.

With the Burned Ones now at the school and banging on the doors, Terra recruits Musa for help, who is trying to run away from the situation. Musa is struggling because she doesn’t want to feel someone dying that she loves just like her mother one year prior. She explains to Terra that she felt everything her mother felt right until her last breath. That’s why she can’t be with Sam right now because it’s just too much too soon for her. Terra hugs her as Musa sobs. Harvey asks Terra to help keep Sam stay strong until the Burned One is killed. In the end, Musa grabs Sam’s hand and vows to hold off the pain and give him the same comfort he has given her for as long as she can.

One of the Burned Ones enter, but they are all moving together and moving away from the school. Dowling realizes that they are chasing after Bloom. She’s distracting them with the help of Aisha and Stella. Bloom plans to use all her powers; Stella and Aisha stand by to help her if needed.

As Bloom activates her flames, Aisha conjures swirling water and when Bloom lands on the ground, she has flames as wings. She begins to kill each Burned One one by one with ease. Dowling appears and gives her praise for what she did. Bloom collapses, weak from using her powers to their full extent.

Meanwhile, Sam recovers as the Burned One that hurt him is killed. Bloom returns to school, and she’s made to rest in her dorm.

Later, Dowling tells Silva that Bloom transformed. which means she unlocked ancient fairy magic that they didn’t believe still existed. She reveals that Rosalind told Bloom that the people at Aster Dell were Blood Witches. Silva feels this is a revelation, and everything he did was for nothing.

The next day, Dowling catches up with Bloom after the dust settles. Bloom admits she’s been a brat and that she hasn’t been grateful. Dowling instantly forgives her. Bloom asks if they can hug, but as they do, there’s a slight concern on Dowling’s face, and then she gets slightly emotional before letting go. Dowling admits she should have been more honest.

Some time later, Bloom returns home to the First World and to her parents and plans to tell them who she really is. Dowling warns her that it won’t be easy but lets her go regardless. She also brings her friends with her and asks if they can crash with her. Bloom tells her parents everything, including showing them her fire abilities. Her mother walks off, shocked by what she has seen. But Bloom remains patient and goes through the motions of shock and acceptance.

Bloom enjoys some time with friends as her parents look on, happy to see their daughter no longer alone.

Back in the Otherworld, the Solarians arrive at Alfea, and they are armed. Queen Luna comes out of a car and places Silva under arrest for the attempted murder of Andreas who is revealed to still be alive. Sky is shell shocked to see his father stepping out of the queen’s car alive and well.

Rosalind finds Dowling in the woods. Dowling has buried the Burned Ones who turned back into humans after Bloom killed them. Rosalind then tells Dowling that the Burned Ones are soldiers from an ancient war, and the legend is about the magic used against them — it created them; she calls it the Dragon Flame, and that it burns inside Bloom. Dowling now understands why Bloom was able to transform so easily. Rosalind used Burned Ones to test Bloom at the school because a war is coming. Rosalind however does not believe Dowling is good enough to lead the next generation.

The former headmistress reveals that Queen Luna no longer believes in Dowling’s teaching methods. While she initially had planned to threaten to expose the Queen regarding the cover-up at Aster Dell, Rosalind instead learned that Luna had been mad at Dowling for a while due to her daughter not improving like she wanted. Luna has thus agreed that the school needs to undergo changes and Rosalind believes the faculty will fall in line when she walks through the doors. Rosalind asks Dowling to take a sabbatical and when Dowling refuses to leave the school, Rosalind uses her powers to lift Dowling in the air and seemingly snaps her neck. The ground then buries Dowling as Rosalind walks off.

When Bloom and her friends return, Rosalind welcomes them back, explaining to the girls that there have been some changes in their absence.

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  • The episode title is from a poem by William Butler Yeats:

Out of Ireland have we come.
Great hatred, little room,
Maimed us at the start.
I carry from my mother's womb
A fanatic heart.

  • When Bloom returns to her parent's home to "California" with her friends, the house they are in actually has an European (Irish) wall socket.


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