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Aisha is one of the main characters of Fate: The Winx Saga. She is portrayed by Precious Mustapha.

She is a water fairy[1][2] attending Alfea.


Early Life

Little to nothing is stated about Aisha’s childhood besides from her association with swimming.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

To the Waters and the Wild

Aisha is introduced accompanied with various items of luggage. She arrives at The Winx Suite and befriends Bloom after aiding her with leaving a call with her parents. The two then go on to discuss the Harry Potter franchise and Aisha claims Bloom is the only person in the universe who has not indulged in the Harry Potter franchise. However, Bloom then goes on to talk about the endless amount of times she has taken quizzes associated with the themes of the movies.

Aisha is shown at the first year’s orientation with Terra and Musa. The three discuss about their eating patterns and Aisha states that she would be massive if she did not swim. Aisha then proceeds to go to do her daily swim and observes Bloom wandering through the forest. She locates Bloom and sees her magic in action however due to her emotions being unstable she is unable to extinguish the fire she generates in her hands. Aisha attempts to reason with her and calm her down but she proceeds to send a trail of fire towards Aisha. Aisha then proceeds to demonstrate her ability of hydrokinesis to extinguish the trail of fire.

The two arrive back at Alfea and go back and forth discussing the danger of the situation. Aisha then goes on to inform Bloom about a time where her emotions were unstable causing her to flood her secondary school and swim through human excrements. Bloom then goes on to inform Aisha of how she set her parents room ablaze after an argument. Aisha admits that Bloom’s story was more tragic than her own and states that the amount of magic she drew on was not of one whom is from a dormant bloodline. Aisha speculates that Bloom is adopted but she then goes onto to say that she was born with a heart defect. Aisha then reveals Bloom’s Changeling nature to her. After Stella gives Bloom the Gateway Ring she gets into some trouble and with one of the Burned Ones. Aisha informs Farah Dowling about this occurrence and they set off to aid Bloom. Aisha, Musa and Terra await Bloom’s exit from the warehouse as Farah Dowling deals with the Burned One. Bloom informs the group that she lost The Gateway Ring.

No Strangers Here

The episode begins with Aisha asking Bloom how she is feeling after al the events which occurred prior. Aisha advises Bloom to drink some coffee and get ready as today she will be learning how to hone her pyrokentic ability. Aisha goes to the Winx Suite communal bathroom to encounter Terra Harvey-whom is uncomfortable to change in front of others. They proceed to talk about bra sizes. Stella enters the Winx Suite to be informed that Bloom lost The Gateway Ring. She begins to lecture the girls on the significance of the ring however Aisha interrupts and questions why Stella even left the ring in Bloom’s possession.

Aisha then goes to her class along with Bloom,Musa and Terra Harvey. Aisha is shown manipulating numerous bodies of water as Farah Dowling explains the concept of magic. Bloom puts her hands on the vessel of The Stone Circle however she is unable to produce fire. Aisha attempts to help Bloom by commenting that she should think about her parents.

Aisha and Musa are situated in the eating facilities when Musa’s empathic perception senses Sam Harvey-Aisha proceeds to question Musa about the events which occurred. The two are then joined by Bloom and Terra Harvey whom discuss the concept of Bloom’s Changeling nature. The group are then joined by Stella and Sky whom insisted on the retrieval of The Gateway Ring. Stella that they all go however she is then questioned by Aisha and Musa. Aisha advises Bloom not to go with Stella to retrieve the ring however Bloom states that she lost it so she must retrieve it.

Back at the Winx Suite Aisha peers over at Bloom’s diary to see the list of emotions she will attempt to rely on to fuel her magic. Aisha and Musa are then shown again in a communal area and Musa’s empathic perception detects Sam Harvey. Musa informs Aisha about the sensation she gains when the person is around however there was no one in sight until Sam Harvey phased through the wall. Aisha identifies his Earth Fairy nature and tells him about Musa’s feelings towards him. Aisha is then shown again at The Winx Suite voicing her opinion on Bloom learning magic from Stella as her methods are unreliable. Bloom goes onto say that Aisha should stop trying. Stella interrupts the conversation to call Bloom in the mission to retrieve The Gateway Ring. Aisha comments that the plan is still mediocre and dangerous. The trio are then shown walking though the terrain of Alfea to gain possession of the ring. Stella states that no one asked Aisha to accompany them so why is she following them. Aisha then goes onto criticise Stella‘s techniques as they have limits and a new fairy like Bloom should not be exposed to such techniques.

Musa and Terra Harvey are on route to join the trio however Musa’s empathic perception leads Musa to the location to numerous slaughtered bodies-Aisha and Stella observe the remains of the beings. As Aisha and Stella proceed on with the mission whilst Musa and Terra Harvey tend to Saul Silva-whom has been wounded by one of The Burned Ones. Stella goes onto comment about the lack of natural light and Aisha advises her to active her photokinetic powers however she is unable to do so. Aisha locates Bloom and uses a technique called “Water Cannon” which consists of a pressurised body of water. This technique is accompanied by enough momentum and strength it is capable to throwing one of The Burned Ones. She uses this technique to impale the being and asks Bloom if she is okay. The two go onto locating the situation of the ring-it was fused into the beings rib cage-Bloom suggests Aisha should pull the ring however she believes Bloom should do it as Aisha just saved her life. As nightfalls Aisha is situated in her dormitories conversing with Bloom. Their conversation is then interrupted due to Bloom‘s eyes turning white.

Heavy Mortal Hopes

Aisha is first shown in this episode asking Bloom about the vision she received. Bloom speculates that the person whom was present in the vision is the one to left her in The First World. The two proceed to make their way to class however Bloom attempts to identify the woman she saw by observing numerous photos situated around Alfea. Aisha is frustrated by Bloom’s investigation and suggest that there are numerous fairies present in The Otherworld. Bloom then goes onto to use the information Aisha stated-the best fairies come through Alfea. Aisha then goes onto to say that Alfea identifies magic potential however powerful fairies do get admitted into the establishment. Aisha continues to doubt all of Bloom’s suspicions and advises her not to get her hopes up. Aisha suggests that Ben Harvey may possess old yearbooks dating back to the time that woman was present.

Aisha and Bloom arrive at Farah Dowling‘s class. They are assigned a task to improve their powers which Bloom speculates is a trick assignment. Aisha suggests that the reason Bloom finds the task so difficult is due to her constant talking. Aisha and Farah Dowling observe Bloom successfully generating fire on a pile of sticks. Farah Dowling comes over to Aisha to see how she is finding the assignment. Aisha states that she knows the fundamentals such as control and that she is aware of the idea. She then goes on to generate a ball of water from the metallic bowl. Farah Dowling comments that what she presented is good however the technique she demonstrate is persistent and reliable. She wants Aisha to consider the individual elements that combine to form the whole Dowling goes onto to separating a small bubble from the mass of water produce by Aisha. Aisha attempts to recreate Dowling’s demonstration however loses control/focus enabling the water to fall into the bowl and splash everywhere-She is embarrassed by this spectacle immediately peering around at her classmates to observe their reaction-Bloom questioned Aisha about what just occurred and she states that she is tired and is going to go for a swim.

Back at The Winx Suite, Aisha attempts to recreate the prowess demonstrated by Dowling whilst Bloom tries identify the woman present in her vision by looking through old Alfea yearbooks. Aisha asks Bloom has she identified the woman yet, Bloom pushes the bowl of water Aisha was using to practice to show her the yearbook. Bloom goes onto tell Aisha her conspiracies about what happened suggesting that the woman possibly located Bloom through her release of magic against The Burned One. Bloom suggests that she should go to the Stone Circle and draw on as much magic as she can in order to gain some clues. Aisha shuts down this idea as it is dangerous and irrational idea. Bloom states that she would agree with Aisha a few weeks ago however due to her growth that she would be capable to doing the task.

Terra calls out if anyone is capable of doing a cat eye. Aisha and Bloom rush into the bathroom to aid her. Terra asks why none of them are in preparation for the party. Aisha replies with the excuse that she has to study which is shut down by Terra as she requires full suite support.

Aisha, Bloom, Terra and Musa enter the east wing of Alfea which was previously used for war preparations however as conflict does not occur often no one visits the east wing. Aisha suggests that Bloom requires a beer she agreed with this statement and the two walk off.

Aisha, Bloom, Sky and Riven indulge in the party game Beer Pong. Aisha throws a ball into the cup Bloom warmed up with her powers enabling Aisha to win the previous round against Sky. On Riven’s go Bloom suggests that Aisha should use her powers to manipulate the water causing the ball to bounce out. Aisha attempts to do this however she ends up losing control and soaking Riven’s crotch in beer. Aisha aplogises to Riven and goes off to obtain paper towels so he can clean up.

Bloom goes up to Aisha showing her a picture of the woman she saw in her vision standing next to Dowling. Aisha questions Bloom asking if she is sure and Bloom reassured her that this is the correct woman. Bloom comes to the conclusion that Dowling is hiding something from her and that they should go discuss this discovery with her. Aisha states that they should do this tomorrow however Bloom is persistent about asking her at that very moment. Aisha explains that they should go back to the suite as Bloom is bombarded with mixed emotions and she herself could do some homework. Bloom combats Aisha’s reply commenting that Dowling lied to her. Aisha-fed up with Bloom‘s persistent nature-suggests that Bloom should go to Dowling drunk and go nuke her magic at The Stone Circle and she may receive a signal from this long list guide Bloom is so persistent about. Aisha ends the conversation stating that she is fine pulling Bloom from the edge and if she wants to jump she should jump.

Sky and Bloom go off to fight a Burned One however are being outmanoeuvred by the being. The Burned One attempts to wound Bloom however Stella comes and and flashes the creature her photokinetic ability. Terra utilises her chlorokinetic ability to restrict the beings movement whilst Aisha and Bloom combine their abilities in order to obsecure the beings vision to enable Sky to pierce it with his sword. Although thought to be deceased Musa’s empathic perception disagree coming to the conclusion that the creature is alive. Before it has a chance to attack the group Dowling destroys its core causing it to die permanently.

The group arrive back at Alfea and receive a lecture from Dowling about the danger they put themselves in and that consequences will be discussed in the morning. Aisha consults with Musa due to her ability and asks her if the current emotion of Dowling and what type of punishment it would enable. Musa replies that she felt a hint of pride whilst reading Dowling.

The group go back to The Winx Suite and get prepared for sleeping. Bloom informs Aisha that she made the decision not to tarnish the whole Otherworld with her powers. Aisha comments that Bloom is making progress. Bloom tells Aisha that she felt The Burned One and that Dowling was acting suspicious. Aisha asks Bloom to stop talking. Aisha acknowledges Bloom’s desperation to discover her birth parents however she suggests that there may not be a big conspiracy. Aisha then goes onto to comment that it could have been a student whom got pregnant and did not know what to do about it and that various people would kill to be a natural at magic like Bloom is even if they are a regular fairy. She also says that Bloom should be realistic in her theories. Bloom then goes onto to talk about how she has feels about the whole situation and how she must believe that there is more to expand on for her.

Some Wrecked Angel

Aisha is situated in Callum’s office which she has been at for two days searching for answers. Bloom enters questioning Aisha about any knowledge she had gained from the two day experience. Bloom begged Aisha to get this role not only for her sake but to aid Aisha in getting into Dowling’s good books. Bloom remarks that Aisha is a “suck up” where she then replies that she lost the ability to read/identify the files. The two then go onto converse about the files and their significance as well as the recognition Bloom has gained due to her changeling nature being exposed. The duo are then joined by Musa who joke about Musa’s secret relationship with Sam however this conversation was interrupted due to Terra’s intrusion.

Queen Luna enters the office with Dowling, Ben and Silva and Aisha rushes to help her due to her significance in Solaria. Luna informs Aisha that she is more low maintenance than she perceives her to be. Soon after this occurrence numerous files fall to the floor due to the harsh closing of the door. When Aisha goes to pick these up she uncovers a listening device with belonged to Callum.

Aisha rushes to inform Bloom about the information she uncovered as well as telling her how they attempted to cover it up-via family emergency. They continue to talk about the records of Alfea and if Dowling discarded of these files. Aisha reassures Bloom that Dowling loves paper as she declined Aisha’s offer to get paper scanned. Bloom speculates that these files are situated in the east wing of Alfea. Aisha replies to her stressing the importance of the assembly. Although knowing the significance of the assembly Bloom still attempts to receive Aisha’s aid in searching the east wing for predated records. Aisha stresses the fact that this is a bad idea however Bloom tells her it is better than being peered at in an assembly. Aisha finally gives into Bloom’s plan using the excuse that she had a migraine.

Aisha attends the assembly hosted by Queen Luna sitting next to Terra. The two talk about the disbelief they have that Queen Luna is Stella’s mother and this factor must drive Stella like crazy. Musa comes to the conclusion that this assembly isn’t just for The Burned Ones and something else is up due to the faculties emotions.

Musa informs Aisha and Terra that the faculty are still on edge so whatever they are doing is not efficient. Back at Callum’s office Aisha uses his listening device to hear what is going on in Dowling’s study.

Aisha is back at The Winx Suite with Musa and Terra. Terra informs the group that the faculty are continuously lying to them. Aisha suggests that there is a possibility that they must have had to keep it secret-she says this due to Queen Luna’s variety of secrets. Aisha then goes onto to connect the dots with the information they are already aware of starting with the significance of Vessel Stones and their ability to perceive magic and that is what was occurring during the assembly. Musa suggested that there may be a possibility that a fairy was responsible for Callum’s death. The trio go onto inform the faculty about what they know and Beatrix‘s connection to Callum’s death. After Bloom is located she is bought back to Alfea where she is created with hugs from Musa, Aisha and Terra and they check her condition. In the corridors on Alfea, Terra voiced her disappointment in her father’s deceit to Musa and Aisha. This caused Musa to confess to Terra about the secret relationship she has with Sam.Terra is elated Musa told her and the three go back to the suite only to be encountered by a Solarian Bodyguard removing Stella‘s belongings from the suite.

Wither Into The Truth

Due to this episode being an episode mainly rooted in training the students for the upcoming threats. Aisha is doing rounds with Dowling, Musa and Silva. As the girls in The Winx Suite prepare for sleep numerous themes and emotions are present in the atmosphere due to all the events which have occurred so far. Aisha informs Bloom about Terra attempting to fill the void whilst Stella is absent. Mid conversation Bloom is interrupted by a text message from Dane informing her that he is on duty, Aisha reassures Bloom that she can talk to her however Bloom says that she is in a fine condition and goes off to meet Dane. Aisha goes over to Musa and Terra and tell them that they need to have a conversation about Bloom due to her single minded obsession with Rosalind and her birth parents. However this behaviour adjusted abruptly and Aisha does not believe that Bloom is quite over it. She speculates that Bloom is keeping a secret from them however she cannot uncover it. Aisha also informs the girls about Bloom’s conversation with Dane.

With all the information known so far Aisha and Terra devise a plan to pump some information out of Dane. Terra initiated the plan by conversing with Dane. Once Terra uncovered Dane’s new found loyalty to Beatrix she restricts him by putting a vine around his foot. Before he can smoke his cigarette Aisha comes in extinguishing it and asks what is happening with him and Bloom. The two threaten to leave him restricted in the chair aswell as informing the faculty on his alliance with Beatrix.

With all the new knowledge the two have gained,Terra and Aisha go and confront Bloom. Bloom claims that everyone at Alfea is lying and they do not posses the knowledge that she does however Dane informed the two about all the secrets Bloom had been keeping under covers. Aisha and Terra attempt to reason with Bloom however she does not listen to them due to their relationship to the faculty. Aisha threatens Bloom with the ultimatum that if she does not give her the key-which unlocks the runic limiters-that she will end up in the cell next to Beatrix. As Bloom’s emotions grow unstable her eyes glow orange intimidating the girls. Terra calms Bloom down reminding her that they are friends. After some deliberation, Bloom gives them the key. Aisha states that she knows how hard this must be however Bloom assures her that nobody does.

Aisha and Terra arrive back at the suite and inform Musa about everything that occurred. Aisha thinks that the best choice of action is to tell Dowling. The plants begin to move and Musa states don’t you dare however Aisha is still certain that they should. Stella reveals herself to two stating she has an opinion on the matter. She states that the suite is very black and white and describes Bloom character in a negative light however she is still their friend.

Musa and Terra go to Bloom with the key however Aisha did not accompany them due to their opposing views on how to deal with the situation. Aisha decided to follow through with her original idea to inform the faculty about what is happening.

A Fanatic Heart

Aisha along with the members of the faculty enter Dowling’s study to discover Bloom, Stella, Musa and Terra. Harvey tells the girls to follow him whilst Dowling goes to locate Bloom. Stella informs Aisha that she will have no friends after the betrayal she committed against the group. Ben goes onto lecture the girls about their actions however Terra speaks her mind on the matter. Ben locks the girls in their room unable to leave. Aisha begins to walk towards a door exiting the current room they are situated in however Stella questions where she is going as well as her intentions/true nature. Aisha states that she was planning to desecrate the situated by removing herself from it entirely however she questions if Stellawants to escalate the situation. Musa interrupts the feud due to her empathic perception enabling her to feel the tension in the suite. Sam exists the suite to see what’s occurring due to the constant flickering of light. He then gets wounded by a Burned One and rushes to the suite. Sam informs the girls that there is a Burned One roaming around the school. The girls try their best to tend to him with the limited resources they have.

All the students are bought to the courtyard of Alfea to receive a pep talk from Dowling. Bloom goes to talk to Dowling about everything that happened with Rosalind and how she effected the school. Aisha hears this conversation and if advised to aid the water fairies due to her leadership qualities.

Aisha and Stella discuss about Aisha’s betrayal and how Bloom’s nature will enable her to take action. Aisha tells Stella that she feels bad about everything that has happened. Bloom recruits the two to perform a reckless ploy to kill The Burned Ones. Bloom informs the girls on her plan of drawing on as much magic as she can. Aisha assures her everything will okay due to her creating a water cyclone to surround Bloom. Bloom is exhausted after this display of magic and Dowling advises the girls to take her up to the suite. The group share a heartfelt moment in the suite.

Bloom invites the girls to The First World as she is informing her parents about her new found heritage. The girls share a pizza being observed by The Peters. After their visit to The First World they return to Alfea to be greeted by Rosalind, Queen Luna and Andreas Of Eraklyon.


She is tenacious, hard working and always thinks about others. She frequently worries about her friends, by putting them first even against her own good. [1]She is often referred to as a perfectionist and beats her self up when she makes mistakes. She is also a very honest person and is not afraid to stand out from the majority especially if it is something that she dosen't support.


She is a long-legged and capable-looking girl with braids that have blue accents in them.[3]Aisha has deep brown eyes which shift to blue once her powers are activated. Her wardrobe consists of numerous blue ensembles which correlate to the type of fairy she is. She often styles her hair up and is barely seen with it down or in any other fashion.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Fairy Abilities

  • Channeling: Like every fairy, Aisha possesses the ability to channel her own emotions as a source of power to fuel her magic. She also has the ability to channel the Stone Circle.
  • Eye-Color Shifting: Once Aisha's powers are in use her eyes shift to a blue color.

Water Fairy Abilities

Aisha using her powers.

  • Hydrokinesis: Aisha possesses the ability to generate and manipulate water. She has demonstrated versatility when it comes to her hydrokinetic abilities. Aisha has generate sprays of water to extinguish Dane's cigarette to being able to generate and/or manipulate enough water to consume a bed of fire. Aisha has also been seen completing more feats like creating balls of water and manipulating multiple bodies of water.

Physical Abilities:

  • Swimming: Aisha is known to be a very capable swimmer. According to her, she swims twice a day every day.



Bloom and Aisha's relationship is built from "To the Waters and the Wild" when she is able to save Bloom from herself and therefore mutual trust is instilled between the two. However, with Bloom's persistence to uncover her heritage clashing with Aisha she tells Bloom she is done "pulling her from the edge" thid tension escalates due to Aisha refusing to help Bloom free Rosalind. The tension between the two is resolved by the final episode when Aisha apologises and helps Bloom contain her flames.


Stella and Aisha's relationship does not get off to a fruitful start due to Stella attempting to banish Bloom to the First World as well as trying to make her fuel her magic with negative emotions. This disparity is furthered when they do not agree what should be done with Bloom uncovering parts of her heritage. In "A Fanatic Heart" Aisha apologised for informing Dowling on the plan and the pair can be seen laughing together in the First World.


Season One

Changes from Winx Club

Aisha is an adaptation of Aisha Winxlink.png from Winx Club Winxlink.png. However, unlike in the animated series, Aisha is not a princess and has a much more uptight demeanor in the live-action adaptation.


  • She is a Harry Potter fan and was sorted into Gryffindor.
  • She's a morning person
  • She has a very strong moral compass.
  • Netflix created a spotify playlist for the character.


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