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Alfea College is a magical school from Fate: The Winx Saga. It is located in Solaria in the Otherworld and trains Fairies and Specialists[1][2].

School Building

Alfea is a large white building with a bluish grey roof.


  • The East Wing is a wing that was previously used for war preparation, but has mostly been left empty due to the lack of conflict. It has since been used for the annual spectacle.
  • Fairy Hall
  • Specialist Hall
  • Headmistress' office
  • Library
  • Winx Suite

When entering the courtyard, across from the gates is the Fairy Hall, recognizable with a golden winged statue over the door. The Specialist Hall is to the right of the courtyard and looks more utilitarian than the Fairy Hall.

As a whole, Alfea's architecture resembles an old manor or castle that was modernized with metal walkways, modern wood staircases and pillars. It has a both modern and ancient feel.

Fate the Winx Saga

Season 1

Alfea is the center of the action for all of Season 1 of Fate, the Winx Saga. Except for a couples of scenes in Aster Dell or Gardenia, the entirety of the plot happens in Alfea or right outside of its gates.

Bloom, Aisha, Terra, Musa and Stella live in the Winx suite. Sky and Riven seem to share a room in the Specialist Hall. Dane, Sam, and Beatrix are assumed to have rooms in either hall as well.

For most of Season 1, Farah Dowling was the Headmistress of Fairies, and Saul Silva the Headmaster of Specialists. Ben Harvey serves as Botany teacher.

Staff and Instructors

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Former Students

  • Ricki (Unknown if she still attends or not, assumed to be a fairy)
  • Marco (graduated)
  • Noura (graduated)
  • Devon Waller (graduated)
  • Farah Dowling (graduated)
  • Saul Silva (graduated)
  • Ben Harvey (graduated)
  • Luna (assumably graduated)

Alfea's location on Solaria

Changes from the original series

  • It is based on Alfea Winxlink.png and Red Fountain Winxlink.png from the original Winx Club series.
    • Like Alfea from Winx Club, Alfea in Fate: The Winx Saga is a magic school which trains Fairies to learn to use their magic.
    • Like Red Fountain from Winx Club, Alfea in Fate: The Winx Saga is a military school which trains Specialists in combat.
  • In Fate: The Winx Saga, Alfea is located on Solaria[3][4], unlike in Winx Club, where it is located on Magix Winxlink.png.


  • The Killruddery House in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland was used as the Alfea building[5].
  • It seems like Alfea College has a couple hundred students, though it is unknown exactly how many.
  • Queen Luna of Solaria seems to have a very important role in Alfea's existence. Stella mentions that Headmistress Dowling swore an oath to her mother. It is unknown if that is a joke.


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