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Andreas is a recurring character from Fate: The Winx Saga. He is portrayed by Ken Duken.

He is a war hero, father of Sky and adoptive father of Beatrix.


Early Life

Andreas was a Specialist who saved countless of lives. He at some point had Sky as a son although not much is revealed about with whom or what his life was with Sky before joining forces with Rosalind. He had developed a friendship with Saul Silva, and they were best friends. They likely attended school together along with Farah Dowling and Ben Harvey. At some point, the four of them were recruited by their headmistress Rosalind as part of a team that hunted Burned Ones.

He was a good soldier, who blindly followed Rosalind's orders at Aster Dell. Despite thinking that the village was full of innocents and that he would be killing people as well as burned ones, it was clear that he was determined to do whatever Rosalind told him. Silva, however, thought that morals were more important than orders and wanted to warn Farah and the others. This led to standoff between the two, in which Silva seemingly killed Andreas in order to stop the massacre at Aster Dell.

Throughout Throughout the Series

Season 1

It is revealed at the end of Season 1 that he was in fact not killed by Silva, but instead went into hiding on Rosalind's orders to take care of Beatrix, whom she instructed to enter the school and help free Rosalind.


Andreas was described as a powerful warrior, appearing as both selfless and brave as he saved millions of lives before in the past. However, his downfall was his immense loyalty to Rosalind and her cause, to the point of being willing to let the 'innocents' of Aster Dell die along with fighting Silva, his best friend, to the death to support Rosalind. Silva described him as a good soldier, as he blindly followed Rosalind's orders without question. This reveals that he valued orders over morals, hinting at a darker side to him.

After the fight, Andreas went off-grid under the radar raising Beatrix to be as blindly loyal to Rosalind as he was, showing his submission to her transcended above any other morals he seemed to have. Because Andreas was formally introduced into the series late, the rest of his personality and view on his family (both biological and adoptive) is unknown, although he did not give much of a reaction when he and Sky (whom he hasn't seen since he was a baby) finally met nor did he seem troubled by his guidance of Beatrix. Andreas seems to have gained a vengeful side as he had Silva arrested for his attempted murder, although ironically Andreas himself was going to attempt murder on the inhabitants of Aster Dell.





Season One


  • As Sky's father, Andreas is the equivalent of King Erendor Winxlink.png from the original Winx Club series. Unlike Erendor, Andreas is not known to be a member of royalty. However, he is indeed still from Eraklyon like his counterpart, although he is simply addressed as being from there rather than ruling it.


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