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A village of Blood Witches, destroyed by Harvey, Silva, Dowling, and Rosalind when trying to kill the Burned Ones. After the destruction, Queen Luna put up a veil to hide the ruined village from the outside world.


In 2004, Rosalind led Silva, Dowling and Harvey to the village to kill the Burned Ones hiding there.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

In Some Wrecked Angel, Bloom and Beatrix find a map with the location of Aster Dell marked on it.

Beatrix takes Bloom to the ruins of Aster Dell, showing her through the veil created by Queen Luna, and tells Bloom the story of Aster Dell's destruction. She also tells Bloom that both of them are from Aster Dell, and were taken away from its ruins by Rosalind.

The lightning strike on Aster Dell

In A Fanatic Heart, Rosalind eventually reveals to Bloom that she had lied about Aster Dell being evacuated as she wanted both the witches living there and the Burned Ones eliminated. Bloom had been kidnapped by the witches from her fairy birth parents who were nowhere to be found, suggesting that they may still be alive somewhere.

Aster Dell burning after the lightning strike

Known Inhabitants: