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Beatrix is one of the main characters of Fate: The Winx Saga. She is portrayed by Sadie Soverall.

Beatrix is an air fairy[1] attending Alfea.


Early Life

Beatrix was born on December 10, 2004 in Aster Dell, a village of witches that was destroyed by Rosalind. She saved her and gave her to Andreas to be raised. Beatrix does not seem to know of the fact that Rosalind caused the destruction of Aster Dell in the first place, which only further leaves her origins unknown.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

To the Waters and the Wild

Beatrix basically forces herself into the Headmistress Dowling's office to tell her "I'm literally your biggest fan," explaining how she is a huge fan of the headmistress, the school, and their history. But the Headmistress is not impressed, and once she leaves, Callum calls her a brown noser.

Later, while Riven is smoking he sees Beatrix walking by holding a lot of books. He asks her if she is burning the midnight oil. But she jokes back by saying it is more like she is snorting the midnight adderall. She then says she will need sleep eventually, and Riven offers her his cigarette. Beatrix raises her hands and points out that her hands are kind of full at the moment. The two smile at each other, before Riven exchanges a whiff of the smoke and shares the exhaled smoke with Beatrix. Afterwards, Beatrix then walks away as she smirks.

Then she heads out into the forest, Beatrix uses her powers on one of the Burned Ones outside the barrier.

No Strangers Here

Beatrix and Riven start plotting together; they discuss Farah Dowling‘s schedule. Beatrix looks through Dowling's books in her office to see if she can find books that show her something they don’t teach at the school. The pair end up hooking up as they were evidently into each other from the first time they spoke.

Later, Stella returns to the school and is upset because her powers are not working and Sky comforts her. Terra brings in an injured Silva and Beatrix alerts Dowling in her office who swiftly departs to help Saul. Beatrix uses this as an opportune moment to push Dowling’s bookcase aside to reveal a secret room. She wants to find out what’s hidden under the school. But is caught by Callum who knows it was her that set one of the captured Burned Ones loose. The two of them talk, and he tells the teenage girl that he assumes he sent Beatrix to help with his task. She confirms it, and taunts him by saying how it must be emasculating to be replaced by a teenage girl. She then tells Callum that the man who sent her gets quite impatient. Thus, they need to get down there to find out the dirty laundry that has been kept hidden away for sixteen years.

Heavy Mortal Hopes

Bloom takes photos of the frames and asks Beatrix if she knows the person in the photo. She then goes outside and tells Aisha that the woman in the photo is from her vision. She wants to see Dowling the middle of the night. Aisha is frustrated and tells Bloom she’s leaving the party. Meanwhile, Beatrix tells Dowling’s assistant Callum that they need to go underground immediately because Bloom is asking about Rosalind. She uses her magic to throw Callum into the trap on the door and heads down herself, leaving Callum paralysed.

Eventually she finds a barrier underground, and when she touches it, it shocks her. Frustrated, she comes back upstairs and updates Callum to tells him that Dowling has put up another barrier. She uses her powers to disintegrate Callum into millions of pieces in order to hide what she has done.

Some Wrecked Angel

Beatrix is obsessively looking at Bloom‘s Instagram now that she learnt that she is Fire Fairy and a Changeling.

Later, when Sky finds Bloom snooping around the school and decides to help her out to find archives. Beatrix and Riven find them as well and start teasing them both, claiming they are having an emotional affair. They keep looking as a group, and Beatrix states that she’s trying to help. She also throws Riven under the bus and tells the other two that he is the one responsible for everyone knowing that Bloom is a Changeling.

This leads to the group splitting up. Sky approaches Riven outside and they argue, leaving Bloom and Beatrix alone. In the end this is what Beatrix wanted. Beatrix asks Bloom about Rosalind, and they find a door that says “restricted area”. Beatrix successfully picks the lock, and the two girls find that inside is a war room.

Elsewhere, Bloom’s friends believe Dowling was trying to find the killer in the assembly, and now realize that Beatrix is likely that threat. The girls send Bloom messages in the group chat, but Beatrix uses her powers to fry Bloom’s phone.

Terra, Musa and Aisha approach Dowling and reveal to her that they know about Callum and that they are looking for the killer. They tell the headmistress that Bloom and Beatrix are missing; Silva enters the room and alerts the headmistress that an SUV from the Solarian security detail has driven off.

Beatrix takes Bloom to a place called Aster Dell; this is the town marked on the war room map. Suddenly, Beatrix laps up her powers and brings down a barrier to reveal Aster Dell. She explains how this was a wonderful settlement until the Burned Ones arrived. A military unit from Alfea decided that destroying the creatures was more important than the lives of the people. As a result, the town is now wretched and in ruins. Beatrix explains that Luna put a veil over the town to hide the war crimes committed here. She reveals that she was born in this town and her family died here two days before Bloom’s First World birthday. Bloom concludes that her birth parents likely also died here. Beatrix then confides in the fire fairy, and mentions how she thinks they are the only survivors.

Beatrix claims she saw the military conquering the town and the memory was burned into her mind by Rosalind. She then says that Dowling, Silva and Ben were there. The pair then drive back. Bloom says she needs more answers, but Beatrix tells her that Rosalind is still alive and underground at the school behind a barrier. Suddenly, their car is attacked, and Dowling arrests Beatrix with runic limiters.

Later, Bloom tells Sky and others that Beatrix did not kidnap her. She’s understandably confused. Sky confronts Silva and tells him he wants the truth. Silva tells him to gain Bloom’s trust and find out what Bloom knows from her impromptu field trip with Beatrix.

Wither into the Truth

Beatrix is screaming repeatedly as Dowling appears to be tormenting her using her mind fairy abilities. She wants to know what Beatrix knows, and then reveals that all the screaming is part of Beatrix’s act. Immediately after Dowling says that, Beatrix calms down.

Bloom wants to talk to Beatrix, but Alfea is preparing for war. Dane sees Bloom outside late at night; she’s trying to talk to Beatrix and Dane offers to help.

Eventually, Bloom meets Dane, who has taken a guard out so she can meet Beatrix. Beatrix confirms to Bloom that she killed Callum but that it’s way more complicated than that. Bloom wants to know what happened in Aster Dell that day; Beatrix tells her she can help, but she wants to be freed first. Bloom is desperate to see Rosalind and Beatrix raises how this is her only option.

Bloom heads to The Stone Circle to help free Beatrix and starts conjuring her powers. Terra Harvey and Aisha eventually confront Bloom about freeing Beatrix. Terra insists that her father Harvey would have never carried out a war crime. Aisha threatens to tell Dowling what she’s doing. Bloom’s eyes light up, but Terra reminds her that they are her friends. Bloom gives up the metal device to free Beatrix and walks away upset.

In a turn of events, Terra and Musa give Bloom the device to help free Beatrix. They feel Bloom deserves answers. Aisha doesn’t join them because she disagrees with helping Bloom in this matter.

Later, as Sky, Silva, Riven, Dowling, and other students prepare for battle. They face the barrier but Aisha turns up and tells them that Bloom and her friends are about to free Beatrix. Inside Dowling’s office Beatrix informs Bloom about her plan to use Dane to trigger the trap. However Stella pushes Beatrix into the trap leaving her paralyzed.

A Fanatic Heart

Riven helps Dane give aid to an unconscious Beatrix. While they help her, Riven asks Dane if he is gay. Dane tells Riven that he does find him hot, but he also finds Beatrix hot too in a different way. Beatrix wakes up and immediately snaps into action. After the Burned Ones are defeated Beatrix reveals to the boys that her adoptive father send her to Alfea and that they could be a part of what he and Rosalind are planning.


A troublemaking girl,[2]Beatrix has a very mysterious, ruthless and coy personality and gives off a very "I don’t care" kind of air around her. Despite her almost delinquent nature, she is fascinated by history. Her love interest, Riven, described her as a "hot, f***ed up, history nerd". After hearing that, she merely rolled her eyes and asked in a flirty voice if that was "a confusing archetype" for Riven. Beatrix is also very manipulative and can be fairly flirtatious when she wants to be. When asked by Bloom how did she know how to steal a car, Beatrix calmly admitted that she knows how to do a lot of things. Hinting that probably pulled off other felonies before. Although it’s never clearly stated, she does care for Riven and Dane and is undeniably loyal to Rosalind and her adoptive father Andreas. She appeared deeply devastated at the destruction of Aster Dell, due to the loss of her family, but it is unknown if her grief was genuine or just a ruse to sway Bloom to her side, considering her manipulative nature and loyalty to Rosalind. Additionally, it is unknown if Beatrix’s loyalty is misguided since Rosalind caused Aster Dell’s ruin and Beatrix shows no signs of knowing this.


Beatrix is a girl with pale skin, brown eyes and shoulder length brown-reddish hair. She prefers dark clothes that vary between preppy and edgy.

Magical Powers and Abilities

Basic Fairy Abilities

  • Channeling: Like every fairy, Beatrix possesses the ability to channel her own emotions as a source of power to fuel her magic. She also has the ability to channel the Stone Circle.
  • Eye-Color Shifting: Once Beatrix's powers are in use, her eyes shift to a fluo blue colour.

Air Fairy Abilities

  • Electrokinesis: Beatrix possesses electrokinetic abilities by generating and manipulating electrical currents through the molecules in the air. Throughout all her appearances, she demonstrates great mastery over this power. Her power is so immense that she could temporarily severe the illusionary veil placed by Luna upon Aster Dell and was able to completely vaporize Callum's body, leaving nothing to prove he was there except a faint magical trace that could be picked up by one of Ben Harvey's concoction.
    • Electricity Ball Projection: In the Some Wrecked Angel Beatrix used her powers to create an electric ball that will destroy the illusory barrier Queen Luna in Aster Dell.
    • Electro-Telekinesis: Beatrix has also been shown to be able to manipulate objects and other people via electricity. She demonstrated this power when she forcefully pushed Farah Dowling's assistant through the magical veil Farah had erected over the hidden passage behind her bookcase.
    • Electrical Incineration: Beatrix was capable of producing electrical energy strong enough to incinerate another being, reducing them to ashes that disappeared near-instanteously. She used this power on Callum after he was immobilized by Farah Dowling's magical trap.[3]



Beatrix and Anderas have developed a father-daughter relationship which is revealed when Beatrix considered him her father.


Rosalind acts as Beatrix's guide and is comfortable in her presence shown in "A Fanatic Heart".


Riven and Beatrix have a romance during season one. The two are constantly scheming witch eachother however the Beatrix holds the upper hand in the relationship and is not afraid to betray Riven. The pair are shown multiple times kissing and sharing an array of different items.


Dane is introduced to Beatrix through Riven and their relationship is built again off a power dynamic with Beatrix holding the upper-hand. Due to the influence of Beatrix by "Some Wrecked Angel" we can see Dane's persona adjusting to catering to Beatrix's more cunning and dark ways.


Farah and Beatrix relationship began with Beatrix gushing over Farah due to her presence in the fairy world. However, this was all a facade to infiltrate Dowlings office. When Beatrix's motives are revealed Farah becomes more persistent to uncover Beatrix's secrets by "prodding her mind".


Callum and Beatrix's relationship is hinted at being some sort of alliance but when Beatrix finds no use for him she murders him despite sharing similar goals.


Bloom and Beatrix's relationship is driven by their shared ties to Aster Dell. Their relationship started with Bloom being weary of her and Beatrix the same as she withheld information from her. When they venture to Aster Dell they see how their origins coorelate which then gives Bloom initiative to free her from the prison.


Season One

Changes from Winx Club

Beatrix is an adaptation of the Trix Winxlink.png from Winx Club Winxlink.png.[2] Several aspects of her character were influenced by the individual members of the Trix:

  • Beatrix's lightning powers are based on Stormy Winxlink.png's powers.
  • Her relationship with Riven is based on Darcy Winxlink.png's relationship with Riven from season 1 Winxlink.png of Winx Club.
  • Her ruthlessness is reminiscient of Icy Winxlink.png's personality.


  • "Beatrix" is a Latin name meaning "traveller".
  • Her name is a pun: "Be a Trix Winxlink.png".
    • Her name is similar to Bellatrix. Her inspirations, the Trix, are similar to Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter.
  • Beatrix's Instagram User Name is "TrixandTreat".
  • Netflix created a spotify playlist for the character.
  • It is unknown whether or not Beatrix is a fairy or a witch since she was born in Aster Dell, and according to Rosalind, the inhabitants of Aster Dell were Blood Witches.





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