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Ben Harvey is a recurring character from Fate: The Winx Saga. He is portrayed by Alex Macqueen.

He is the Botany teacher at Alfea.[1]


Early Life

At some point in his life, he married a woman named Rose and they had two children, Sam and Terra. He attended Alfea around the same time Farah Dowling and Saul Silva did.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

To the Waters and the Wild

Ben is first introduced after Riven discovers a dead corpse-victim to a burned one. Ben is shown examining the body to then come to the conclusion-due to char residue-that this occurrence was due to the beasts whom have not been sighted in sixteen years.



He is bald with brown eyes and wears glasses.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Fairy Abilities

  • Channeling: Like every fairy, Ben possesses the ability to channel his own emotions as a source of power to fuel his magic. He also has the ability to channel the Stone Circle.
  • Eye-Color Shifting: Once Ben's powers are in use, his eyes shift to a green color.
  • Potion-Craft: Create beverages with magical effects. Ben is very experienced in the creation of potions, he also skillfully creates a potion Zanbak in his greenhouse at Alfea.
  • Convergence Magic: Ben combined his magic with Rosalind and Farah to set a lightning strike upon a thought-to-be-evacuated Aster Dell.
  • Door Sealing: In A Fanatic Heart, Ben is shown sealing the entrance of the Winx Suite. This prevented the residents of the suite to leave as well as any to enter.

Earth Fairy Abilities

  • Soil Manipulation: Ben possesses the ability to manipulate the soil of natural surfaces. He utilized this technique to incapacitate Beatrix enabling Farah Dowling to place the runic limiters on her.



Season One


  • In his late teens, he became bald.
  • He is an expert in Otherworld flora and fauna, relics, potion-making, magical field training and forensics.
  • His family is full of Earth fairies.




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