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A Burned One

The Burned Ones are beings which appear in Fate: The Winx Saga and from whom the Specialists are tasked to protect the Otherworld[1].


They appear as scorched humanoid figures with claws.

When killed by Bloom while transformed, the Burned Ones resumed their original human appearances.


"There is a legend. It's a thousand years old. That's how old the Burned Ones are, by the way. They were soldiers from an ancient war. The legend is about the magic used against them. It created them. It's powerful. It's primal. The Dragon Flame. It burns inside our changeling friend."

- Rosalind to Farah

Little is known so far about the Burned Ones, but they were once humans who fought in an ancient war from a thousand years ago. The Dragon Flame was used against them for an unknown reason, turning the soldiers into the Burned Ones.

Powers and Abilities

Fate: The Winx Saga

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In "To the Waters and the Wild," a single Burned One kills a shepherd not far from the barrier protecting Alfea.

During Specialist training, Saul Silva reprimands Dane for laughing at his lecture. He explains that the barrier exists to protect the school from Burned Ones, and that he is lucky never to have seen one and have the privilege of being so "soft." At this point, no one Dane's age has ever witnessed a Burned One. Silva says that he was 10 years old when he saw one for the first time with his father, who shot the creature twice. It did not die, instead killing his father.

Meanwhile, Riven discovers the shepherd's mutilated body. Farah Dowling, Saul Silva, and Ben Harvey investigate and determine the likely cause of death. They lament that it has been 16 years since anyone has seen a Burned One, and believed that Rosalind had killed them all.

As Bloom returns from her trip to Gardenia, a Burned One finds her in the passage between worlds, attacks her, and takes Stella's ring. Dowling finds her and intervenes as Bloom runs away. Dowling chains the Burned One in a barn outside the barrier, hoping to read its thoughts and determine if this ordeal was an isolated incident or something more. She believes that her finding a changeling 16 years ago around the time the last Burned One was spotted is connected to the events going on now.

Bloom defeats the Burned Ones.

The Burned Ones follow Bloom away from Alfea's courtyard and attack her. She manages to fight them all off using her magic. They fall around her, and are seen transforming back into humans in death.

A Burned One killed by Bloom reverts to a human form.

After Bloom kills the Burned Ones attacking Alfea, Dowling buries them on the grounds, later stating "It seemed fitting seeing as they were clearly human at one time." Rosalind reveals to Farah Dowling that according to a thousand year old legend, the Burned Ones were once human soldiers from an ancient war. A magic known as the Dragon Flame was used against them, turning the soldiers into the Burned Ones. She explains that the same magic "burns inside" Bloom, which is why she was able to transform, and presumably why the Burned Ones she killed reverted to human form. Rosalind also states that there are a "shit ton" of Burned Ones left and that there is a war coming with an enemy far worse than the Burned Ones.


  • The Burned Ones may have been inspired by the Army of Darkness Winxlink.png from Winx Club. The Army of Darkness can only be conjured and controlled by wielders of the Dragon Flame, where they were used as foot soldiers in a magical war in the first season. The only difference is that the Army of Darkness are purely monstrous creatures, while the Burned Ones were humans who were transformed into monsters.