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Farah Dowling is a main character from Fate: The Winx Saga. She is portrayed by Eve Best.

Ms. Dowling was the headmistress of Alfea.[1] She is a Mind fairy.[2]


Early Life

Not much is known about Farah's life prior to her time at Alfea. She attended the school along with Saul Silva and Ben Harvey, and likely Andreas as well. She was likely a student of Rosalind, who served as headmistress of Alfea while they were in school. At some point, she became Rosalind's protege. She was part of the team that hunted the Burned Ones that was led by Rosalind.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

To the Waters and the Wild

Farah is introduced as the Headmistress at Alfea who discovered Bloom back in the first world, and revealed to first year student, she is a fairy. While Dowling talks with Bloom on her first day, she tells Bloom to take things slowly as magic can be dangerous. She further explains that the curriculum at Alfea is designed with that thought in mind. She then asks Bloom to trust the process, and explains that Alfea’s graduates have gone on to rule realms and led armies. While others have forged powerful relics and rediscovered long lost magic. Later, when Bloom jokes with Farah that she was a bit disappointed to not have seen a single pair of fairy wings. Dowling explains that fairies had wings in the past, but that as they evolved, that kind of transformation magic has been lost.

After Riven found the remains of a charred person in the woods outside the barrier,Farah, along with Ben Harvey and Saul Silva take a closer look of the dead body. Dowling suggests it could have been a wolf. Whereas Silva suggests it could have alternatively been a bear, who could have gone out to protect his herd and got surprised, which led to the attack. Ben, however, tells the other two teachers that he found char residue on the body. Silva then asks how long it had been since the last sighting of a Burned one. Ben explains that it has been about two decades, with Dowling emphasizing it was sixteen years to be exact since Rosalind was relentless. The trio realize that perhaps their former mentor did not get rid of all the Burned Ones, seen as how one is on the loose near the school.

Later, she comes to Bloom's rescue who traveled home without permission using Stella's Gateway Ring and was attacked by a Burned One that followed her all the way to California. After capturing the creature, she confides in Saul that she left the Burned One that attacked Bloom chained up in a barn outside the Barrier. Silva tells her that she should have killed it. But Dowling counters that train of thought by saying she couldn’t just leave it in the human world. Silva then asks if the Burned one broke her skin, but Dowling replies that she is not infected. But she did get Ben to make up some oil from the Zanbaq flowers in the greenhouse. She reveals that she had dozed it and it won’t be unconscious for hours. Silva is about to chastise Dowling, but she argues that she needs to keep it alive in order to get inside its head. She needs to know if this was an isolated incident or something more. When pressed for more information, she acquiesces and tells Silva that she found a changeling in the First World and thinks it’s all connected. Silva mentions how she hadn’t heard of a changeling occurence in centuries, but Dowling explains how it doesn’t feel like it’s coincidence that one appears sixteen years after the last Burned One was spotted. She admits to struggling and feeling stressed because of just how much knowledge Rosalind kept from them. She’s worried about the students because the Alfea they know is very different from the one she and Silva attended. That these kids have so much life to experience but that even if this world were safe, what they’re going through can feel impossible. She admits that she doesn’t know how long they will be able to protect them from it. There’s been a shift, and Dowling states that the kids have had order for so long, they don’t know what chaos feels like.

No Strangers Here

Saul and Dowling discuss the Burned Ones as they leave The Barrier. Dowling talks about their other excursion relating to the fearsome creatures and mentions The Black Woods Massacre. Saul proudly boasts that he has killed 13 Burned Ones in his lifetime, even if he had some help with that. He praises Farah for being able to take a Burn One out all these years later all on her own. Farah though, doesn’t see it that way, and says that she just got lucky because the creature didn’t see her coming. They enter the barn where Dowling was keeping the Burned One that had been chasing after Bloom in the First World. Dowling doesn’t waste any time as she enters the creature’s mind to see if it’s a lone wolf or if there’s a group of them.

Later, Dowling brings the first-year pupils to the stone circle and gives them an introductory lesson on magic and nature. The Headmistress explains that down the line, the fairies may learn to connect with other elements, but that their first year is all about honing the element they were born with. Each fairy then proceeds to test out their magic as she observes. But when it is Bloom’s turn, Dowling tells her to push past her doubts. There’s anxiety etched over Bloom’s face and everyone gossips around her; Bloom is unable to produce her powers and just when it seems as if the pressure is getting to her, Dowling lets her stop and moves onto the next less. After class, Dowling tells Bloom that in order to do well, she needs to find a clear mind. Bloom asks the headmistress if she’s a changeling. Dowling is shocked that she knows and admits that she doesn’t know who her birth parents are. But her advice to the young student would be to learn and grow, and that the answers will come when the time is right.

Saul tells Dowling that there is only one Burned One for now and they should use the Queen’s army to safely transport it away. She is later informed by Beatrix that Saul was injured.

Heavy Mortal Hopes

Dowling continues to show the first years how to control their powers. In class, Bloom is asked if she can light a single kindle and leave the others untouched. Bloom pulls it off, and it seems like she is improving with her powers. Later, there is a progress update from Marco, the fairy tracking down the Burned One with his squad. Dowling grows more and more impatient, knowing she’s putting mission success down to their graduates.

Later, she goes on to tell Bloom that she was Rosalind’s student, and then her protégé, but that she doesn’t know the circumstances of Bloom’s birth. Dowling continues defending Rosalind, claiming she was headmistress during a difficult period of Alfea. Bloom demands to see her, but Dowling tells her that isn’t possible because Rosalind is dead and that unfortunately “this is where it ends”.

Once again, she comes to Bloom's rescue who in spite of Sky's help couldn't take down a Burned One on her own.The teens initially think they have killed the creature, but it ends up being Dowling who finished the job. While she pretends that she’s annoyed at Bloom and the others, Musa uses her mind fairy powers to find out that deep down, she’s happy that they saved Silva’s life.

Later that night, Dowling tells Silva that Bloom knows about Rosalind but that the two women can never meet. Dowling then brings up how Bloom appears to be the most powerful fairy ever to live.

Some Wrecked Angel

Callum is confirmed to be dead and this prompts Ben, Silva and Dowling to investigate it. There are suspicions that someone tried to get into Dowling’s secret underground. Which leads the trio to conclude that there’s a murderer inside the school. Luna, the Queen of Solaria, comes to Alfea, where she gives a speech at the school assembly. While she does, Dowling tries to find more traces to learn who murdered Callum. Musa however senses Dowling’s anxiety.

Later, Queen Luna speaks with Dowling to check on Stella's progress and asks how the process of fixing her is going. Dowling insists that when Stella is ready, they will move to stronger magic. Elsewhere, Bloom’s friends realize that Dowling and the other teachers were trying to find Callum's killer in the assembly.

Terra, Aisha and Musa eventually approach Dowling and reveal they know about Callum and that they are looking for the killer too. They tell the headmistress that Bloom and Beatrix are currently missing. Silva then eventually enters the room and alerts the headmistress that an SUV from the Solarian security detail has driven off.

In Aster Dell, Beatrix shows Blooms the devastion that Farah along with Ben and Silva caused,Unfortunately for the girls, on their way back the car Beatrix stile is attacked, and Dowling uses this opportunity to arrests Beatrix with special bracelets.

Back in Alfea once again, Bloom tells Dowling that how she’s treating Beatrix is barbaric by limiting her magic with bracelets that visibly cause the air fairy pain. She tells the headmistress that it was only a joyride, and that was all. But Dowling doesn’t believe her and when Bloom walks off, she rings Bloom’s mother and raises “concerns” about Bloom’s behavior as of late. She tells her that if Bloom mentions anything out of the ordinary, to let her know immediately in order to help Bloom.

Wither into the Truth

Initially, Beatrix is screaming repeatedly as Dowling appears to be tormenting her using her mind fairy abilities. She wants to know what Beatrix knows, and then reveals that all the screaming is part of Beatrix’s act. Immediately after Dowling says that, Beatrix calms down.

Dowling later mentions how ever since the Queen left with her daughter, they’ve been abandoned. It’s not a coincidence that the Solarian troops have been withdrawn as well.

Eventually, Bloom tells Dowling that she wants to see Rosalind and that she knows she’s from Aster Dell. Dowling is shocked to find out about this. Bloom subsequently revealsto her how she knows they murdered innocent people and have been covering up this atrocious act ever since. Dowling says that she made a mistake that day and that Rosalind was her mentor, but she was feared and respected. She explains that the magic they unleashed that day was potent. Until then, fairies didn’t know they could combine magic and Rosalind kept it a secret until that fateful day. Dowling further says that prior to this event, they never questioned her. Rosalind told Dowling and the others that only the Burned Ones would be hurt from the blast, but it wasn’t true, and it was quite a tragedy.

Dowling then admits that if Bloom is from Aster Dell, she’s caused her damage and there will never be enough apologies. Bloom still wants to see Rosalind. But Dowling tells Bloom that Rosalind is not worth bringing back into the world and that she promises to give her answers in due time.

A Fanatic Heart

She is informed by Aisha that Bloom and her friends would be attempting to break into her office to free Rosalind. Bloom manages to suceed, and Farah is furious with the girls. Especially after seeing that both Bloom and Rosalind are no where to be seen.

Elsewhere, Bloom begins to learn who Rosalind really is while Dowling looks for the two women near the stone circle. Meanwhile, Bloom asks Rosalind about Aster Dell. Rosalind confirms that Dowling’s account of what happened is true.

Dowling eventually is forced to prepared the students for battle and with the help of some of the fire fairies, secures every entrance to the school. She subsequently announces that the Burned Ones have infiltrated The Barrier. She mentions that while Solarian troops are on their way, they likely won’t arrive in time to help them out. Thus, Dowling prepares them for the harsh reality that they may need to defend themselves. She tells them to be brave in a rousing speech.

Eventually, Bloom makes her way back inside Alfea and tells Dowling that Aster Dell was full of Blood Witches and that her parents were not there. Dowling becomes agitated and tells Bloom that she’s being manipulated, and questions where Rosalind is. She learns from the fire fairy that Rosalind was at the stone circle. Dowling reveals that this is the school’s main source of power which is used for things like the electricity inside the school, to power the barrier. In that moment, both women realize Rosalind is the reason they are fighting for their lives; the former headmistress sucking out all the power.

Later, Dowling tells Silva that Bloom transformed. which means she unlocked ancient fairy magic that they didn’t believe still existed. She reveals that Rosalind told Bloom that the people at Aster Dell were Blood Witches. Silva feels this is a revelation, and everything he did was for nothing.

The next day, Dowling catches up with Bloom after the dust settles. Bloom admits she’s been a brat and that she hasn’t been grateful. Dowling instantly forgives her. Bloom asks if they can hug, but as they do, there’s a slight concern on Dowling’s face, and then she gets slightly emotional before letting go. Dowling admits she should have been more honest.

Sometime after the Burned Ones have been defeated, Rosalind finds Dowling out in the woods. Dowling has buried the Burned Ones who turned back into humans after Bloom killed them. Rosalind then tells Dowling that the Burned Ones are soldiers from an ancient war, and the legend is about the magic used against them — it created them; she calls it the Dragon Flame, and that it burns inside Bloom. Dowling now understands why Bloom was able to transform so easily.

The former headmistress reveals that Queen Luna no longer believes in Dowling’s teaching methods. While she initially had planned to threaten to expose the Queen regarding the cover-up at Aster Dell, Rosalind instead learned that Luna had been mad at Dowling for a while due to her daughter not improving like she wanted. Luna has thus agreed that the school needs to undergo changes and Rosalind believes the faculty will fall in line when she walks through the doors. Rosalind asks Dowling to take a sabbatical and when Dowling refuses to leave the school, Rosalind uses her powers to lift Dowling in the air and seemingly snaps her neck. The ground then buries Dowling as Rosalind walks off.


Farah comes off as a hardened woman due to her position as headmistress and her time under Rosalind. Though, she shows her softer side around her friends, Saul and Ben, often making jokes and reliving the old days. They share a common wariness of Rosalind and they all work to keep the Otherworld safe.


Farah is a middle aged woman with greying brown hair, often pulled into a bun and occasionally quiffed. She has brown eyes which turned silver/grey when she used magic. She often wears a long coat over any outfit she wore, often pants and blouse. She has a tattoo on her index finger of a line circling above her knuckle and three dots closer to her fingertips.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Fairy Abilities

  • Channeling: Like every fairy, Farah possesses the ability to channel her own emotions as a source of power to fuel her magic. She also has the ability to channel the Stone Circle.
  • Eye-Color Shifting: Once Farah's powers are in use, her eyes shift to a grey color.
  • Convergence Magic: Farah combined her magic with Rosalind and Ben to set a lightning strike upon a thought-to-be-evacuated Aster Dell.
    • Electrokinesis: Farah is never shown directly using this ability, but by combining this ability of hers with Rosalind, they strike a lightning bolt down onto Aster Dell.
  • Barrier/Veil Creation: She has also demonstrated to be quite skilled at the art of creating veils and barriers:
    • Barrier: A barrier situated around Alfea. Its purpose is to serve as protection from the Burned Ones.
    • Cryo-Inducement Veil: In Farah's study at Alfea, she has a veil to protect the staircase behind her bookcase. In order to enter this veil without permission, you must trigger the trap. Beatrix uses her ability to shove Callum into the veil to trigger the defense, leaving him in a frozen state. Later, Beatrix herself triggers the trap, pushed in.
    • Prison Veil: This veil was designed to restrain Rosalind. It was strong enough to contain a fairy as powerful enough as her.

Mind Fairy Abilities

  • Telekinesis: Farah possesses the ability to move things with her mind. She demonstrated this power in A Fanatic Heart by closing all the doors which proceeded her.
  • Memory Scanning: Farah utilized this ability upon one of the Burned Ones to visualize their previous encounters. She attempted to use this ability on Beatrix, however, as Farah stated, her mental defenses were up.

Water Fairy Abilities

  • Hydrokinesis: Farah uses this to levitate and separate water into smaller droplets while teaching Aisha.

Air Fairy Abilities

  • Enhanced Hearing: Farah is also shown to be able to enhance her own hearing. She did this in order to locate one of the Burned Ones.

Fire Fairy Abilities

  • Incineration: Used to kill a burned one by scorching it from the inside. Demonstrated this ability in Heavy Mortal Hopes



Season One

Changes from Winx Club

Farah acts as the equivalent of Faragonda Winxlink.png from Winx Club.

Unlike Faragonda, who has immense knowledge of ancient history and magic and knew of the origins of Bloom and the history of the Dragon Flame early on in Winx Club, Farah is not as considerably knowledgeable and learnt about the ability to perform magical convergences, the existence of the Dragon Flame and the origin of the Burned Ones from Rosalind.

Farah is also more stoic and less open about her emotions and her affection towards her students compared to Faragonda.



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