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Kat is a student at Alfea and one of Stella's friends. She is portrayed by Leah Minto.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

No Strangers Here

Dane fights Kat and is distracted by Riven. She pins him, prompting Riven to tutor Dane.

Heavy Mortal Hopes

While eating at lunch with Stella , Kat mentions that the battalion being formed to hunt down the loose Burned One is going to be led by Marco.

A Fanatic Heart

Kat joins Sky, Riven, Silva, and two other specialists to hunt down the Burned Ones. She plays the video of Noura being hunted by the Burned Ones and reports that she recognizes a hollow that she had run past to escape them. They are told to report to the Alfea courtyard, and when she comes across a few students in the school, she accompanies them there




Skilled Combatant: Due to her Specialist lifestyle, Kat is akin to multiple combat styles and executes them during his training.

Sword Proficiency: Like all Specialist's, Kat is well versed in utilising swords and blades in battle.


Season 1




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