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Queen Luna is a recurring antagonist from Fate: The Winx Saga. She is the reigning monarch of the fairy realm of Solaria and the mother of Princess Stella, is popularly known as the Queen of Light and is one of the most powerful fairies in all the realms.


Early Life

Virtually nothing is known about Luna's early life including her marital status, anything her family as a whole or about Stella's father. What is known is that she attended Alfea in her youth and that Stella was born approximately seventeen years prior to the start of the series.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

In "Some Wrecked Angel", Luna comes to Alfea to address the students but also to visit Stella and check up on her progress. Later that afternoon, Luna addresses the student body to warn them about the return of the Burned Ones.

That evening, in Farah's office, Stella demonstrates her improvements in controlling her magic but Luna is unimpressed and dismissive of Farah's teaching methods as too soft and coddling. When Stella tries to protest, Luna intimidates her into silence with a powerful illusion demonstration. After sending Stella away, Farah argues that Luna's methods are too harsh and unreliable and implores the queen to be patient but Luna rebuffs her, demanding that Stella must be fixed as fast as possible for the good of Solaria.

Fed up with Stella's slow progress under Farah, Luna ultimately decides to remove Stella from Alfea, against her express wishes, and takes her home to Solaria to be her tutor once more.

In "Whither Into the Truth", it is revealed that Stella barely spent a week at home before she ran away and back to Alfea, using her power of invisibility to keep herself hidden from her friends. Luna deploys the whole Solarian army to look for her which in turn results in the forces chasing the Burned Ones becoming severely depleted.


She is very controlling, especially towards Stella.


Luna is an older woman with wrinkles as well as freckles on her face. She has dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. As the Queen of Solaria, she is always seen wearing formal attire.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Fairy Abilities

  • Channeling: Like every fairy, Luna possesses the ability to channel her own emotions as a source of power to fuel her magic. She also has the ability to channel the Stone Circle.
  • Eye-Color Shifting: Once Luna's powers are in use, her eyes shift to a yellow color.

Light Fairy Abilities

  • Photokinesis: Luna has shown considerable mastery over photokinesis, being able to effortlessly adjust the lighting in the Alfea College Courtyard.
    • Invisibility: During Luna's showcase of power to Stella and Farah Dowling, Luna makes herself invisible.
  • Astral Projection: Luna is shown to possess astral projection as she projected herself to converse with Farah Dowling.
  • Illusion Manipulation: Luna is very skilled in this craft, being able to cast illusions upon others:
    • Illusion Inducement: Whilst Luna was demonstrating her mastery over her alignment in Some Wrecked Angel, she induces Stella under an illusion placing her daughter in a forest.
    • Illusion Barrier: In an attempt to mask the events and casualties which occurred at Aster Dell, Luna placed an illusion barrier over the perimeter. Sixteen years later this barrier was temporarily severed by Beatrix.



Season One

Changes from Winx Club

Luna is an adaptation of Luna Winxlink.png from Winx Club Winxlink.png. However, unlike in the animated series, Luna is very uptight about Stella's well-being and expects her to be strongest light fairy like her.





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