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Musa is one of the main characters from Fate: The Winx Saga. She is portrayed by Elisha Applebaum.

She is a mind fairy[1][2] attending Alfea who wears headphones to block other people's emotions.[1]


Early Life

A year before the start of the series, Musa's mom died and due to her powers, she picked up everything her mother was feeling in those final moments. The experience of losing someone that she cared about (and having to endure their pain as a result) traumatized Musa so much that it is implied she resorted to using noise canceling headphones pretty much when she could to block other people out so she could only feel her emotions.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

To the Waters and the Wild

Aisha tells Musa that someone has been lying to Bloom about where she comes from.

Later at the Winx Suite, Terra and Musa make up after previously getting off on the wrong foot when they first met. She explains that she is an empath fairy, which means it’s nothing personal when she puts on her headphones. Her type of fairy abilities make it so that she can feel everyone’s emotions, sometimes even stronger than what the person that is feeling them is unintentionally projecting onto her.

No Strangers Here

Musa blames Stella for putting Bloom in danger.

While in line to get their lunch, Musa tells Aisha that her powers are always on, which makes crowded places a nightmare. She then points out how Doris is in physical pain, that Dane is scared and stressed; like a bunny when hawks circle. Whereas, Professor Harvey is feeling worried and tentative. However, Musa does admit that might just be heartburn, and that for an empath fairy, she’s learned that it’s hard to tell a lot of them apart. However, when she notices a cute guy, she is not entirely sure what happened.

Later, Musa once again sees the cute guy from earlier, but when she tries to chase after him, she loses sight of him.

Aisha asks Musa about her hunt for the guy in the green jacket, but the empath fairy admits that the whole thing is weird. She explains how she can feel him around the corner, but that when she turns around, he is never there. As she’s saying this, she feels his presence again, and Aisha realizes Musa’s mystery guy is an Earth fairy once she witnesses him phasing through one of the college’s walls. Musa asks Aisha if the guy is cute, and instead of answering, Aisha asks the Earth fairy what his name is. He tells her that it’s Sam, and before she leaves the two of them alone, she tells Sam that Musa has been stalking him.

Later, Musa feels something, and it hurts her. Musa and Terra look out to the road on the edges of the forest and realize to their horror that the Burned One has killed the soldiers.

Musa and Sam eventually go out on walk as they get to know each other. He asks her if she hears an angelic choir when around him. But she shoots that down. Undeterred, he asks if it’s a cheesy son, or something like a slow-mo shampoo ad. Musa doesn’t answer and instead tells him she just met him, so she has no reason to tell him. He then asks Musa if he sounds like Enya, but Musa says she doesn’t even know who that is. Finally, she confesses that he sounds to her like the absence of chaos.

Heavy Mortal Hopes

Musa tells Sam that they need to sneak around because he is Terra’s brother. Which puts her in a tough spot. When they kiss, Sam quickly disappears, and Terra shows up. Terra asks about Dane and wonders if it could be a “thing”. Musa tells Terra that when they are together, he seems comfortable so it could mean something. Meanwhile, Riven tells Dane that Terra wants him, but then changes the conversation and asks about his shirt size.

At the party, Stella asks Riven where Sky is, and he hints that he’s with Bloom. She gets a text from Bloom about a Burned One being near the stone circle and how it’s an emergency. Musa gets the same message.

Some Wrecked Angel

Musa senses Dowling’s anxiety.

Later, Terra, Aisha and Musa approach Dowling and reveal they know about Callum and that they are looking for the killer. They tell the headmistress that Bloom and Beatrix are missing; Silva enters the room and alerts the headmistress that an SUVfrom the Solarian security detail has driven off.

Meanwhile, Terra is upset because her father lied to her earlier about the recent events; this guilt-trips Musa, who reveals that she is in a relationship with Sam, Terra’s brother. Terra laughs and hugs her. She then claims her father lost his hair early and that so will her brother. Suddenly, the group of friends realise that Stella is leaving. Luna is taking her home.

Wither into the Truth

Musa is reading Bloom and Sky’s emotions and is subsequently updating Dowling.

Back at the Winx suite, Stella has sneaked back into Alfea and in reality has lived secretly in the dorm for a few days undetected. Musa however manages to catch her. Stella then talks about her horrible experiences with her mother and how she likely has the Solarian army looking for her. She continues and states that her mother only cares about power and strength, and punishes her if she is not up to her standards. Stella admits that she lost control with Ricki and that it was an accident. But it was better for her mother if people believed she blinded her best friend on purpose than to be seen as weak.

Aisha and Terra approach Musa about Bloom. Stella tells the girls that Bloom deserves to know who she is and believes they should help her.

In a turn of events, Terra and Musa give Bloom the device to help free Beatrix. They feel Bloom deserves answers. Aisha doesn’t join them because she disagrees with helping Bloom in this matter.

A Fanatic Heart

With the rumblings of war incoming, Alfea tries to do its utmost best to maintain discipline, but it almost feels pointless in the grand scheme of things. Stella, Musa, and Terra are in a lot of trouble and Professor Harvey expresses his disappointment. Terra tells her father that he’s lied again and that it doesn’t make sense to punish them. Harvey locks them in their dorms and Stella is furious at Aisha for being a snitch.

The threat of danger increases with Sam ending up hurt by one of the Burned Ones in the school, as he warns Musa and the others that the creatures have breached the barrier and are inside the school.

With the Burned Ones now at the school and banging on the doors, Terra recruits Musa for help, who is trying to run away from the situation. Musa is struggling because she doesn’t want to feel someone dying that she loves just like her mother one year prior. She explains to Terra that she felt everything her mother felt right until her last breath. That’s why she can’t be with Sam right now because it’s just too much too soon for her. Terra hugs her as Musa sobs. Harvey asks Terra to help keep Sam stay strong until the Burned One is killed. In the end, Musa grabs Sam’s hand and vows to hold off the pain and give him the same comfort he has given her for as long as she can.

When Bloom and her friends return, Rosalind welcomes them back, explaining to the girls that there have been some changes in their absence.


Musa is an introverted girl. She tends to isolate herself and prefers to keep people at a safe distance so that she is not constantly overwhelmed by the emotions of those around her due to her empathic powers. Musa tends to be sarcastic and struggles with expressing her own emotions.


She is an olive-skinned girl who appears vaguely punk-rock.[3] Her hair is usually up in buns or pigtails.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Fairy Abilities

  • Channeling: Like every fairy, Musa possesses the ability to channel her own emotions as a source of power to fuel her magic. She also has the ability to channel the Stone Circle.
  • Eye-Color Shifting: Once Musa's powers are in use, her eyes shift to a purple color.

Mind Fairy Abilities

  • Empathic Energy Manipulation: In No Strangers Here, in the Stone Circle at Miss Dowling's lesson, during the demonstration and observation of the magical elements, Musa touched the Vessel, and an electric ripple, like sound waves, cut the vessel and a crimson flash of the color of heart blood, like a ball, erupted.
    • Empathic Perception: Musa possesses the ability to interpret people's emotions. Her ability is not only restricted to humans as she has stated to be able to perceive nature on an emotional level.
      • Pain Manipulation: Musa is shown demonstrating the ability to manipulate pain through emotions. She did this by taking Sam's pain away after he was inflicted with a wound by one of the Burned Ones.



Sam and Musa are in a romantic relationship which stemmed from Musa feeling Sam's presence when he is near. This caused a confrontation which then led to the pair getting to know eachother and then soon after becoming a couple in secret. The couples limits are tested when Sam gets attacked by a Burned One and Musa cannot tend to him due to her trauma. However, she is able to siphon some of his pain whilst the Burned One responsible was being pursued.


Terra and Musa's friendship takes off on a rocky start due to Terra's abundance of emotions and how much it resonates with Musa due to her power. Despite this the pair's relationship is able to grow throughout the series whilst tending to multiple Burned One victims aswell as sharing common motives and goals.


During season one, Bloom and Musa share little to no interactions however at the end of the series it is made apparent that the two are great friends.


Stella and Musa's friendship does not properly take off until "Wither Into The Truth" as Stella is now vulnerable and decides to open up and share her emotions. Stella is able to confide in Musa and explains the struggles she has endured with Ricki to her mother. Growth between the two is further demonstrated that same episode when they choose to ally with Bloom and free Rosalind.


Aisha and Musa's relationship gets off to a good start due to common interests in sports and elevates the same episode due to the fear of Bloom's safety. The pair are comfortable enough to eat together at the cafeteria and joke about romance. This friendship soon diverts due to different views on what to do with Bloom. However,by the finale all is restored and resolved.


In "Wither Into The Truth" a relationship is established between the specialist and fairy.


Season One

Changes from Winx Club

Musa is an adaptation of Musa Winxlink.png from Winx Club Winxlink.png. Unlike Musa from Winx Club, who is coded as East Asian, Musa from Fate: The Winx Saga is coded as Middle Eastern. Musa is also a mind fairy, as opposed in Winx Club, where Musa is the Fairy of Music. However, in Fate: The Winx Saga she is often shown listening to music. In the original series Musa is in a relationship with Riven whereas in Fate she's involved with a new recurring character Sam. Musa’s mother died a year prior to Season 1, opposed to Winx Club where she died in her childhood. Additionally, her personality is contrast to the original Musa's upbeat and laidback demeanor.



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