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Riven is one of the main characters of Fate: The Winx Saga. He is portrayed by Freddie Thorp.


Early Life

Nothing is much known about his early life, but he has been friend with Sky for a long time. He has also known Terra prior to the start of the series.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

To the Waters and the Wild

Riven eventually breaks up the conversation between Sky and Bloom, telling his best friend to quit perving on the first years. The two guys hug after Bloom walks off.

Later, Riven goes for a smoke outside the barrier and spots the charred body of the farmer from the first scene. He yelps in surprise and terror.

At the welcome back party, Riven spots Dane checking him out and makes his way over. Riven pressures Dane into taking a drink, saying that there are two types of first years; pussies and aspiring former pussies. Dane still is hesitant, but the older Specialist pours some alcohol into Dane’s glass. He makes Dane drink all of the alcohol, and eventually Terra steps in to help.

She tells Riven to quit bullying the first years, and to Dane, to ignore Riven. She continues to rant to Riven, saying how he was a tragic nerd in disguise his first year. Riven retorts, saying that she is three people in disguise. Terra rants to him, about being the big girl and that people feel they can treat her bad because she is sweet and harmless, but sometimes she does not like it. She summons plants to wind around Riven’s neck. He starts to lose air until Terra breaks the vine and lets Riven finally take in some oxygen. Riven calls her a freak, but walks away.

Later that night and somewhere on campus, Riven is smoking as he sees Beatrix walking by holding a lot of books. He asks her if she is burning the midnight oil. But she jokes back by saying it is more like she is snorting the midnight adderall. She then says she will need sleep eventually, and Riven offers her his cigarette. Beatrix raises her hands and points out that her hands are kind of full at the moment. The two smile at each other, before Riven takes a whiff of the smoke and shares the exhaled smoke with Beatrix.

Now back in his dorm, Riven gets an alert from Instagram that Dane liked one of his photo and chuckles. He then sees Stella and Sky in the latter's bed, and walks out.

No Strangers Here

At the Specialists training area, Dane and Kat are sparring and it appears to be neck to neck, until Riven tells Kat to sweep Dane’s leg. Dane subsequently gets pinned down.From the sidelines, Sky berates Riven for the comment, and Riven retorts with a remark of his own. Sky then brings up how Riven had gotten two black eyes and a sprained ankle day one of the previous school year. Dane comes over to check his phone, and Riven tells him to get off but he refuses until Riven tells him he knows Dane was stalking his instagram. Riven gives Dane advice; that he should choose his friends carefully the first year, and that he needs to focus. He explains how being a specialist is not about how big or strong you are, but it’s about strategy. To prove his point, Riven spars with a bigger Specialist named Mike, and he successfully pins him down despite Riven being the shorter of the two.

Beatrix pulls Riven off to the side and recruits him to break into Dowling’s office, calling him a delinquent.  Beatrix looks through the books to see if she can find books that show her something they don’t teach at the school, and is unimpressed at Riven telling her Dowling took his vape the previous year, and he should just smoke a joint instead. The pair then end up hooking up.

Riven makes fun of Dane via text for hanging out with Terra, pestering him that he is ‘less of a man’ since he’s helping Terra with plants. Beatrix bashes him for sending the texts and they make fun of Sky while sharing a vape. After Beatrix leaves for the library, Sky tells Riven that getting involved with Beatrix is a bad idea, but Riven is dismissive.

Heavy Mortal Hopes

Despite nearly being killed Silva returns to train the fairies and Specialists to fight. He’s noticeably hobbling, and Riven asks Sky if Saul looks okay to him. Stella believes that Saul looks fine and tells Sky to stop worrying. When Stella walks away, Riven is confused as to why Sky has let Stella back into his life.

At a party, Sky and Riven partner up against Bloom and Aisha to play beer pong with him. Aisha uses her magic at beer pong and instead of winning, ends up soaking Riven in the process, to which Bloom finds it hilarious. Aisha, on the other hand, is not happy, as it’s yet another example of her being unable to properly control her powers.

After the game of beer pong, Riven has a loose tongue and reveals to Bloom what happened to Stella’s last roommate Ricki. He explains that Ricki was Stella’s best mate until she started flirting with Sky. Stella apparently blinded Ricki on purpose. Bloom looks to Sky to see if it’s true, and Sky’s face says it all. Bloom is a little spooked by the story and tries to find Aisha as she walks away from the two specialists.

Riven then goes in search of Dane, and as the two talk, he tells Dane that Terra wants him, but then changes the conversation and asks about his "size... shirt size." Eventually, Stella comes across Riven at the party and asks him where Sky is. He hints that he’s with Bloom and the blonde fairy walks away.

Late that night, when Terra gets into bed, she browses through social media and sees Riven asking Dane about his “weird-arse fat girl”. Dane starts ripping into Terra as Beatrix records the video, which makes Terra cry.

Some Wrecked Angel

Shortly after Sky finds Bloom snooping around the school and decides to help her out to find archives, Beatrix and Riven find them as well and start teasing them both. He and Beatrix tell Sky and Bloom the two of them are having an emotional affair. They keep looking as a group, and Beatrix states that she’s trying to help. She also throws Riven under the bus and tells the other two that he is the one responsible for everyone knowing that Bloom is a changeling. This leads to the group splitting up. Sky approaches Riven outside, and they argue, Sky accusing of Riven being even more irritable since hanging out with Beatrix, but Riven says Beatrix is the only one at the school who likes him for him.

Wither into the Truth

As Sky, Silva, Riven, Dowling, and other students prepare for battle. They face the barrier but Aisha turns up and tells them that Bloom and her friends are about to free Beatrix.

Riven sees Musa carrying one of the training staffs and starts up a conversation with her, in which he ends up saying that that the school doesn't care what the students want to be, only they want them to be. Musa then taps into his emotions, and he is very defensive about it, telling her to get out of his head, and tells Sam while passing by that mind fairies are walking red flags.

A Fanatic Heart

Riven helps Dane give aid to an unconscious Beatrix. While they help her, Riven asks Dane if he is gay. Dane tells Riven that he does find him hot, but he also finds Beatrix hot too in a different way. Beatrix wakes up and immediately snaps into action.


Riven is sort of a troublemaker. He often sees himself as second best to Sky, his best friend. He struggles with appreciating his self-worth, often being alone or sometimes, being in a company of other students who shares the same rebellious nature like Beatrix. But despite his rebellious nature, he appreciates people who sees him as he is, and values that. He has a tendency to bully others, especially Dane and Terra, targeting her weight and her crush on Dane.

Riven also has a tendency of having sexual fluidity, shown in Heavy Mortal Hopes when he shotguns with Dane and then Beatrix combined. Also displayed when he confronted Dane if he is gay, he seems to be alright with his friend having a sexual attraction to him, sometimes even casually flirting with him, to once which he states that "I know when people wants my dick." giving him a clear view of personality that he can read people's intention through observation of their actions.

Riven seems to be defensive of his emotions and true feelings, evident when he tells Musa to get out of his head. He also looked hurt when Beatrix called him a "clinger." He hides his emotions behind a wall of not caring and not taking things seriously, and has a strong sense of pride, often damaging relations.


Riven is tall and lean, sporting a healthy physique. He has light-medium brown hair in a short cut, and something of a stubble. He often wears shades of grey, layering hoodies and jackets. During specialist training, he usually wears the typical blue shirt and pants with Alfea's logo, sometimes with a long-sleeved undershirt. For Battle Gear, he wears the standard green top and chest armor. Riven has two sword strapped to his back rather than one.


Skilled Combatant: Due to his Specialist lifestyle, Riven is akin to multiple combat styles and executes them during his training.

Sword Proficiency: Like all Specialist's, Riven is well versed in utilising swords and blades in battle.



Beatrix is Riven's love interest through season one. They both enjoy making trouble and breaking rules. Beatrix does enjoy putting Riven down at points, such as berating him for his actions and telling Bloom he was the one who spread that she was a changeling. Riven feels that Beatrix is the only one in the school who likes him as is. In A Fanatic Heart, when Beatrix is paralyzed from Dowling's trap, Riven tells Dane she is not worth saving. Dane tells Riven he can tell the couple cares about each other, and Riven gives in, creating a brew of items from the greenhouse to wake her up. Their relationship is meant to mirror Darcy and Riven's relationship from the cartoon, as Beatrix is supposed to be the Trix's character. Although it is stated Beatrix cares for Riven (and Dane), it is unknown if she views them as tools to manipulate (similar to how Darcy and the original Riven's relationship was) or truly does care about Riven. Beatrix does not have a problem with ordering him around, similar to Darcy.


Sky is Riven's best friend, and they have known each other for a while prior to the start of the series. They share a dorm. The two get along well, bantering often and are well matched during Specialist training. Riven however sees himself as inferior to Sky, and feels Sky has the need to always prove himself better than Riven. This has started arguments between the two. Sky is apprehensive of Riven's drinking and smoking habits, as well as his and Beatrix's relationship, telling him that it is a bad idea. In turn, Riven is not fond of Stella. Riven is shown to be compassionate towards his friend, such as when Silva gets injured. Riven knows Silva is a father figure to Sky, and offers to talk, but Sky refuses.


Riven takes first year Dane under his wing, giving him advice, and showing him the ropes on combat training. Dane has somewhat of a crush on Riven, saying he finds him hot. The two also join with Beatrix in A Fanatic Heart after freeing her from a paralyzed state.


Riven and Terra have a mutual dislike of one another, and she is often the target of Riven's bullying. It is revealed that Riven knows a lot about plants due to time spent with her in the past, although much of their past is unknown.


Season One

Changes from Winx Club

Riven is an adaptation of Riven Winxlink.png from Winx Club Winxlink.png. However, unlike the original version, this adaption is far more of a troublemaker, falling along the teenage delinquent trope. He has a fierce rivalry with Sky, similar to the originals, but the two seem much better of friends. Unlike the original, who was Musa’s love interest, this version has little to no interest in Musa, mainly due to his current romantic relationship with Beatrix and her romantic connection with Sam Harvey, and as such has very few intersections with her, although they still maintain the same sense of initial hostility when they do meet. He develops a relationship with Beatrix, similar to how the original Riven had done with Darcy, a member of the Trix (whom Beatrix’s character is derived from). Riven does not have a strong need to prove himself as better than the rest, one of his major character flaws in the originals, though he does have a lot of pride still.


  • Riven's Instagram User Name is "crymeariven8".


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