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Rosalind is a recurring character from Fate: The Winx Saga. She is portrayed by Lesley Sharp.


Early life and before the series of Fate:Winx saga

When the blood witches kidnapped Bloom as a baby for her powers. She destroyed their home and saved Bloom and sent her to first world (Earth) and switched with her with Bloom Peters (biological daughter) after she died shortly after birth and implanted a message into Bloom that she would access once she was old to come and find her.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

To the Waters and the Wild

When Farah Dowling, Ben Harvey and Saul Silva go out into the woods outside the barrier to look at the body of an old farmer,Dowling suggests it could have been a wolf. Silva suggests it could have alternatively been a bear, who could have gone out to protect his herd and got surprised, which led to the attack. Ben tells the other two teachers that he found char residue on the body. Silva then asks how long it had been since the last sighting of a Burned one. Ben explains that it has been about two decades, with Dowling emphasizing it was sixteen years because Rosalind was relentless. Silva suggests it could have been hiding, but Dowling interrupts him by saying that Rosalind killed all the Burned Ones. Ben throws out that they all thought she did, but it’s now apparent she didn’t.

Heavy Mortal Hopes

Bloom takes a look through some photos hidden away in the school and asks Beatrix if she knows the person in the photo. She then goes outside and tells Aisha that the woman in the photo is from her vision. Meanwhile, Beatrix tells Dowling’s assistant Callum that they need to go underground immediately because Bloom is asking about Rosalind.

Bloom eventually approaches Dowling and shows the photo of the woman from the picture frames. Dowling confirms that the woman in question is named Rosalind.

Dowling goes on to tell Bloom that she was Rosalind’s student, and then her protégé, but that she doesn’t know the circumstances of Bloom’s birth. Dowling continues defending Rosalind, claiming she was headmistress during a difficult period of Alfea. Bloom demands to see her, but Dowling tells her that isn’t possible because Rosalind is dead and “this is where it ends”.

Back in her office and later that night,Dowling tells Saul and Ben that Bloom knows about Rosalind but that the two women can never meet.

Under the school and behind the barrier that Beatrix was trying to break into is Rosalind with her eyes closed and in stasis.

Some Wrecked Angel

Aisha finds a mystical recording device and learns that Callum is dead while trying to find the school records to help out Bloom. She tells Bloom, and this in turn leads the fire fairy to ditch the school assembly in order to look deeper for records that delve into Rosalind instead.

Later, Beatrix reveals to Bloom the truth behind Aster Dell, and claims she saw the military conquering the town and the memory was burned into her mind by Rosalind. She then says that Farah, Saul and Ben were there and were responsible for launching the attack. As the pair drive back, Bloom says she needs more answers. Beatrix tells her that Rosalind is still alive and underground at the school behind a barrier.

Wither into the Truth

Years earlier, Rosalind is training Farah, Saul, Ben and Andreas. After the quartet take down the last of the Burned Ones in the area, she asks them to bring them down quicker next time.

Bloom later tells Dowling that she wants to see Rosalind and that she knows she’s from Aster Dell. Dowling is shocked. Bloom subsequently reveals how she knows they murdered innocent people and have been covering up this atrocious act ever since. Dowling says that she made a mistake that day and that Rosalind was her mentor, but she was feared and respected. She explains that the magic they unleashed that day was potent. Until then, fairies didn’t know they could combine magic and Rosalind kept it a secret until that fateful day. Dowling further says that prior to this event, they never questioned her. Rosalind told Dowling and the others that only the Burned Ones would be hurt from the blast, but it wasn’t true, and it was quite a tragedy.

Dowling admits that if Bloom is from Aster Dell, she’s caused her damage and there will never be enough apologies. Bloom still wants to see Rosalind. Dowling tells Bloom that Rosalind is not worth bringing back to the world and that she promises to give her answers.

As Sky, Silva, Riven, Dowling, and other students prepare for battle. They face the barrier but Aisha turns up and tells them that Bloom and her friends are about to free Beatrix. Meanwhile, Bloom and her friends head underground. Bloom finds the door to Rosalind and the others wait outside. Bloom sees a tall barrier, and inside it is Rosalind, who telepathically greets her.

A Fanatic Heart

Bloom is extremely desperate to get to the truth of her past, but in the process she has completely disregarded the safety of the students at Alfea. She’s willing to do anything to speak to Rosalind. Who upon finally meeting her calls Bloom special. She tells her to access her flames and to lean into her instincts.

Bloom uses her powers on the barrier surrounding Rosalind and frees her. By the time Dowling gets underground, they are both gone.

As Bloom begins to learn who Rosalind really is while Dowling looks for the two women near the stone circle. Meanwhile, Bloom asks Rosalind about Aster Dell. Rosalind confirms that Dowling’s account of what happened is true. She explains how Aster Dell was rife with Blood Witches, so she used the opportunity to destroy both the Burned Ones and the witches. As part of the conversation, Bloom realizes her birth parents are likely still alive. Rosalind then confirms that the Burned Ones are after her power, which is why they keep coming. Bloom is the reason for all of this. She’s the special one.

Rosalind continues trying to keep activating Bloom’s true power. She wants her to enjoy the feeling of power and also help her recharge. Suddenly, Bloom stops and realizes that Rosalind is using her. Rosalind tells Bloom that she gave her First World parents a second chance because the key aspect of Bloom learning her powers is love. However, she promises to find her birth parents.

Eventually, after Bloom makes her way back inside Alfea and tells Dowling that Aster Dell was full of Blood Witches and that her parents were not there. Dowling becomes agitated and tells Bloom that she’s being manipulated by Rosalind, and questions where previous headmistress is. Once Bloom reveals that she and Rosalind were actually at the stone circle when Dowling was looking for them, the current headmistress reveals that this is the school’s main source of power. Which is used for things like the electricity inside the school, to power the barrier. In that moment, both women realize Rosalind is the reason they are fighting for their lives is because Rosalind sucking out all the power.

After the battle with the Burned Ones is over, Rosalind finds Dowling in the woods. Dowling has buried the Burned Ones who turned back into humans after Bloom killed them. Rosalind then tells Dowling that the Burned Ones are soldiers from an ancient war, and the legend is about the magic used against them — it created them; she calls it the Dragon Flame, and that it burns inside Bloom. Dowling now understands why Bloom was able to transform so easily. Rosalind used Burned Ones to test Bloom at the school because a war is coming. Rosalind however does not believe Dowling is good enough to lead the next generation.

The former headmistress reveals that Queen Luna no longer believes in Dowling’s teaching methods. While she initially had planned to threaten to expose the Queen regarding the cover-up at Aster Dell, Rosalind instead learned that Luna had been mad at Dowling for a while due to her daughter not improving like she wanted. Luna has thus agreed that the school needs to undergo changes and Rosalind believes the faculty will fall in line when she walks through the doors. Rosalind asks Dowling to take a sabbatical and when Dowling refuses to leave the school, Rosalind uses her powers to lift Dowling in the air and seemingly snaps her neck. The ground then buries Dowling as Rosalind walks off.

When Bloom and her friends return, Rosalind welcomes them back, explaining to the girls that there have been some changes in their absence.


Much of Rosalind's personality remains to be seen, but she seems cold, likely due to fighting Burned Ones for so long. She seems rather manipulative and is extremely confident. She openly threatens people with her magic, such as Dane and Riven, and has no quarrel with killing her former protege. She changes a similar story as many times as it takes and as subtly as it takes, or outright lies, to convince people to follow her. She seems to care for Bloom and Beatrix, though she's likely using them for their extreme magic potential. She doesn't seem to have lasting relationships that she won't end in an instant. Though, Bloom is likely the loophole for that rule.


Rosalind is also an attractive older woman with blonde hair pulled back in a low ponytail through a leather tube, similar to the tube Icy, from the original series, uses to pin her hair up. She has blue eyes and tends to dress more militaristic.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Fairy Abilities

  • Channeling: Like every fairy, Rosalind possesses the ability to channel her own emotions as a source of power to fuel her magic. She also has the ability to channel the Stone Circle. However, too much channeling can drain the Stone Circle and cut off power to important facilities.
  • Eye-Color Shifting: Once Rosalind's powers are in use, her eyes shift to a grey color.
  • Convergence Magic: In collaboration with Farah Dowling and Ben Harvey, Rosalind set a lightning strike upon Aster Dell thought to be evacuated resulting in numerous deaths.
  • Magic Absorption: In A Fanatic Heart Rosalind, in order to restore her powers, absorbs the magical energy of the Stone Circle

Mind Fairy Abilities

  • Telepathic Connection/Memory Sharing: Rosalind was able to connect with Bloom and show her visions of her birth. She also connected with Beatrix to burn the memory of Aster Dell and likely a message. She, later in A Fanatic Heart, connected with Riven and Dane. The boys' eyes glowed for a moment, perhaps establishing a telepathic link.
  • Telekinesis: Rosalind demonstrates this power in A Fanatic Heart to levitate and snap Farah Dowling's neck.

Light Fairy Abilities

  • Invisibility: Rosalind is shown to be able to make herself and those around her invisible by reflecting light, which is shown in A Fanatic Heart when she makes her and Bloom invisible to hide from Farah Dowling in the Stone Circle.

Earth Fairy Abilities

  • Soil Manipulation: Rosalind uses this ability in A Fanatic Heart after killing Farah, thereby covering her corpse with soil.
  • Chlorokinesis: Also, after covering Farah's corpse with soil, Rosalidna creates flowers on this earth.



Season One


  • Rosalind is an original character created for the series, though she shares some attributes with Daphne Winxlink.png from Winx Club Winxlink.png. Daphne was the one who sent Bloom to Earth in the original series, similar to what Rosalind did in Fate: The Winx Saga. One of the differences, however, is that Rosalind is now hinted to have an antagonist role due to her involvement with the Burned Ones attack and being behind Headmistress Dowling’s murder. Additionally, her actual motives are unknown.




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