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Saul Silva is a recurring character from Fate: The Winx Saga. He is portrayed by Robert James-Collier.

He is the Fencing instructor at Alfea[1], as well as the Headmaster of the Specialists.


Early Life

It is assumed Silva used to be a student at Alfea. Eventually, he graduated.

He befriended Andreas, a fellow specialist and war hero from Eraklyon.

Eventually, he became part of a team led by Rosalind, alongside Farah Dowling and Ben Harvey. With them, he was responsible for the destruction of Aster Dell and the orphaning of Beatrix.

After Andreas' death, Silva became a father figure to his son, Sky.

Season 1

Silva is the Fencing Instructor and Specialist Headmaster at Alfea. He has a close relationship with Sky, a second-year student and the son of his late best friend.

After a shepherd was killed by a Burned One, he and the other teachers start investigating, worried for the school's safety. He's first chastising when Dowling tells him she did not kill the Burned One that attacked Bloom, but then goes with her plan to use it to gather information.

When trying to move the captured Burned One to a maximum security prison with the help of Queen Luna's army, they are attacked by a Burned One. It kills the entire squadron, leaving only Silva alive. As he is brought back to Alfea, it becomes obvious that he's infected.

The graduated Specialists are sent on a mission to kill the Burned One responsible, as it's the only way to cure him. They eventually kill the Burned One they were sent after, but Silva still isn't cured.

A slightly drunk Sky finds him and decides to head into the forest by himself to take down the creature, much to Silva's concern. When Sky, the Winx Suitmates and Dowling manage to kill the Burned One, he is cured and shows some pride about Sky's accomplishment.

However, he has little time to rest as Dowling's vault has been breached, her assistant, Callum has been killed, and someone is going after the secrets kept by the teachers. Queen Luna visits Alfea and the teachers take the occasion to try and find the source of the magic that killed Callum by using Vessel Stones in the hall where the Queen is giving a mandatory speech. Their attempt fails as the perpetrator, Beatrix, wasn't present. They are forced to go after Beatrix and Bloom towards Aster Dell, arresting Beatrix, the murderer of Callum.

Growing suspicious towards their trip to Aster Dell, Silva asks Sky to spy on Bloom and see what Beatrix has told her. Though Sky is uncomfortable with it, Silva reminds him of his duty to protect the Otherworld.


Though tough on his students, Silva is a fair teacher and a good leader. He seems to genuinely care for the students.


Silva is a tall, athletic man in his 40s, with dark hair and a light beard.


  • Master Combatant: Due to his Specialist lifestyle, Saul is akin to multiple combat styles and executes them during his training. As the trainer of the Specialist combatants Saul is one of the best Specialist in the Otherworld.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Like all Specialist's, Saul is well versed in utilising swords and blades in battle.
  • Archer: In Some Wrecked Angel, Saul demonstrates his proficient archery skills being able to successfully puncture tires of the car
  • Battle Tatician: Saul is knowledgeable in battle schemes and strategies


Farah Dowling

Silva seems to trust Dowling, even if she isn't as cautious as he seems to want her to be.

Ben Harvey

Silva and Harvey seem to have a good relationship.


Silva and Sky seem to have a father/son relationship. Though he worries for Sky's safety, it seems he's proud of Sky's rash accomplishments. The relationship might sour a little in the aftermath of Silva asking Sky to spy on Bloom for him.


  • He was likely inspired by Codatorta Winxlink.png from Winx Club
  • According to him, his Burned Ones killing record is of 13.


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