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Sky is one of the main characters of Fate: The Winx Saga. He is portrayed by Danny Griffin.

He is a 17-year-old Specialist student at Alfea.


Early Life

His dad was believed to have died when he was young, so Silva became a father figure to him. He started training at Alfea and was raised there.

Eventually, he befriended Riven.

During his first year in Alfea, he started dating Stella. She didn't contact him all summer between the two years.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

To The Waters And The Wild

On the first day of his second year, he spots a new student, Bloom, coming in and looking lost. He approaches her and they have conversation, exchanging teasing snappy retorts. He correctly identifies her as a fairy, and is then surprised to learn she's not from the Otherworld. After hearing that, he genuinely offers his help, and points out where she should go. Bloom laughs and tries to play off like she knew she was near the aforementioned Specialist Hall, and that she totally knows what a Specialist is.

Riven eventually breaks up the conversation, telling his best friend to quit perving in the first years. The two guys hug after Bloom walks off and Sky doesn’t chase after her.

Classes start. Sky practices fighting, and the teacher tells the group that Sky’s father is a legend.

At the orientation party, Bloom talks to Sky. She wonders if there’s anywhere else they can go except this party. Sky offers to escort her outside, but then Stella intervenes and asks for Sky’s attention; she seems bothered that Sky is talking to Bloom.

Later during the evening, Stella is trying to seduce Sky. He’s annoyed because she broke up with him and he didn’t hear from her all summer. Stella tells him she got jealous and she feels stupid. She feels like everybody at the Winx Suite hates her and asks if she can stay the night in his dorm. Sky tells her that she’s better than she thinks and gives in easily to her wishes.

No Strangers Here

During training a later date, Sky calls Riven out for being a dick to Dane. Riven tells his best friend that he’d just be 50% less fun. Sky brings up how Riven was a bit of a lost cause the year before sporting two black eyes and a sprained ankle on day one. Sky sees Stella walking by in the distance, and leaves Riven behind. Stella speaks to Sky and asks where the teachers might be keeping the Burned One that was captured, so she can get her ring back. She doesn’t want her mother to find out that she lost it.

After lunch, Sky chases after Bloom and tells her that she doesn’t need to go on the mission to retrieve the ring just because Stella demanded it. Bloom doesn’t back down and says that because she was the one to lose in the first place, it’s the right thing to do to help Stella get it back. Sky points out that both girls have strong personalities, and Bloom interjects by telling him that it seems like he clearly has a type. Sky chuckles and eventually the subject changes with Sky rather awkwardly attempting to explain how he and Stella had a rough break-up and they hadn’t spoken in months, so he doesn’t want Bloom to think he’s “that guy”. Bloom keeps it cool and reminds him that they only met yesterday, and that she doesn’t think anything of him. She also tells him that her life needs less complication not more.

After the complicated heist to retrieve her ring, Stella returns to the school and is upset because her powers are not working and Sky comforts her. He eventually decides to spend the night with Stella in her Winx Suite room, walking by Bloom.

Heavy Mortal Hopes

Despite nearly being killed Silva returns to train the fairies and Specialists to fight. He’s noticeably hobbling, and Riven asks Sky if Saul looks okay to him. Stella believes that Saul looks fine and tells Sky to stop worrying. When Stella walks away, Riven is confused as to why Sky has let Stella back into his life.

Later, Sky checks up on Silva and realizes that he isn’t coping well with the medication. Silva gives him an update on the mission; they are close to killing the Burned One. However, they need to kill it soon as the infection is growing inside Silva, and if it reaches his heart, he will die. Sky is understandably emotional since he sees Silva like a father.

Before a Senior Party, Sky tells Stella that he isn’t drinking — he’s too busy thinking about Silva.

At the party, Bloom speaks to Sky about Silva and actually listens to him. Sky opens up and explains how Silva raised him. After revealing his feelings for Silva, he asks Bloom to play beer pong with him. He finally loosens up and drinks.

After the beer pong, Riven has a loose tongue and brings up to Bloom what happened to Stella’s last roommate Ricki. Ricki was Stella’s best mate until she started flirting with Sky. Stella apparently blinded Ricki on purpose. Bloom looks to Sky to see if it’s true, and Sky’s face says it all.

Sky talks to Stella about her purposefully blinding her best friend. He’s drunk, and they argue about the truth to the story. Suddenly, Sky gets a text; that the Burned One is dead.

However, when he goes to check on him, Silva tells Sky that he’s still sick; the battalion must have killed another Burned One, which means there is more than one. Sky is annoyed that Silva is giving up. He decides to take the matter in his own hands and downs his armor. While walking out towards the edge of the Barrier, Sky finds Bloom at the Stone Circle. She tells him that she’s a Changeling. However, she quickly notices that Sky is wearing armor and it appears that he’s going after the Burned One on his own.

Bloom hears some mystic whispers that led her to the Burned One. She knows where it is, and Sky immediately sprints. Bloom chases after him.

The Burned One attacks Bloom and Sky. But not long after the others arrive, Stella shocks the creature with her light; as the others also use their own powers. Eventually, Sky stabs it. They initially think they have killed creatures, but Dowling arrives and finishes it off.

The Burned One dealt with, Sky reunites with Silva, who has recovered from the infection, and the two men hug.

Stella apologizes to Sky for being awful to him and says she doesn’t like feeling vulnerable. Sky backs off, but Stella tells him he’s the only person that knows the real her and that she’s the heir of Solaria. She asks him to be her safety net, but Sky in turn asks her who his safety net would be.

Some Wrecked Angel

Stella is anxious because her mother, Luna, the Queen of Solaria, is coming to Alfea. Sky assures Stella that she can handle her mother.

While they're both supposed to be at the assembly where Queen Luna will speak, Sky finds Bloom snooping around the school and decides to help her out to find archives. Beatrix and Riven find them as well and start teasing them both, claiming they are having an emotional affair. They keep looking as a group, and Beatrix states that she’s trying to help. She also throws Riven under the bus and tells the other two that he is the one responsible for everyone knowing that Bloom is a changeling.

This leads to the group splitting up. Sky approaches Riven outside, and they argue, leaving Bloom and Beatrix alone. Eventually, he receives a text from Bloom telling him she's gone back to the Winx Suite for an emergency with her friends.

Sky finds himself in the Winx Suite searching for Bloom, right as the girls realize that Beatrix is a threat. They all start looking for her when she doesn't reply to their panicked texts. Stella is hurt that Sky is looking for Bloom when she’s having such a terrible day. Sky tells her that Bloom is missing and that he’s ultimately done with her because everyone knows Bloom is a changeling due to Stella spreading that sensitive information around the whole school.

After the faculty manage to find and get Beatrix and Bloom back, Bloom tells Sky and others that Beatrix did not kidnap her. Sky confronts Silva and tells him he wants the truth. Silva tells him to gain Bloom’s trust and find out what Bloom knows from her impromptu field trip with Beatrix.

Wither into the Truth

As the war preparations start, Sky and Bloom face a magical illusion of a Burned One together to help them train to fight. Sky tells Bloom he feels that Alfea has gone full war games. Meanwhile, Musa is reading Bloom and Sky’s emotions and is subsequently updating Dowling.

Sky tells Silva that pairing him with Bloom seems obvious and doesn’t feel comfortable spying on her. He’s clearly conflicted as his feelings for Bloom grow. Silva brings up the importance of protecting the Otherworld.

Later, Bloom heads to the stone circle to help free Beatrix and starts conjuring her powers. Sky catches her and Bloom acts like she’s doing something entirely different. Sky is sick of the games and reveals that Silva wanted him to spy on her. Bloom is angry that Sky had been spying on her. Sky then checks out the metal device and wants to know what she’s doing; he tells her he can be trusted. Bloom tells Sky everything she learned from Beatrix; Sky doesn’t believe it, but Bloom states that Dowling and the others were trying to protect everyone, but it doesn’t mean that what they did was right. Sky tells Bloom that he’s a “fixer” because it makes him forget how broken he is. Bloom and Sky kiss as the conversation grows more intimate. Suddenly, Bloom’s metal device lights up, but she doesn’t want to tell him what it is because he’ll stop her. Sky collapses due to Bloom’s sedatives, and the fire fairy runs off.

After he wakes up and goes back to Alfea, Sky, Silva, Riven, Dowling, and other students prepare for battle. They face the barrier but Aisha turns up and tells them that Bloom and her friends are about to free Beatrix.


Sky is a loyal friend and a dutiful student, though he seems prone to sudden rash decisions when his loved ones are in trouble.


He is blond, tall, and athletic.


Skilled Combatant: Due to his Specialist lifestyle, Sky is akin to multiple combat styles and executes them during his training. His skills garner high praise from exceptional specialist such as Saul Silva.

Sword Proficiency: Like all Specialist's, Sky is well versed in utilising swords and blades in battle.


Saul Silva

Saul Silva is Sky's father figure, having raised him since Sky's father's death. Sky shows great emotion when Silva is infected by a Burned One, and goes after the creature himself. He's ready to go incredibly far to ensure Silva's safety. They share a close bond. It is unknown the impact of Silva asking him to spy on Bloom on their relationship.


Riven is Sky's best friend and roommate, though their relationship is rocky. Riven's self-destructive tendencies and the company he keeps seem to add even more worries to Sky's plate. Riven does care about Sky, as he tries to discourage him to continue his toxic relationship with Stella.


Stella is Sky's ex-girlfriend. The two had a relationship during their first year, ending in a bad break-up. They briefly got back together at the beginning of their second year, as Stella begged for his support through her complicated situation. However, their relationship turned toxic as Stella needed more and more support from him without giving anything in return, too wrapped in her own issues to be able to help with his. Eventually, Stella realizes this and breaks things off with Sky once more, but this time on better terms, since they now both acknowledge the toxicity of their relationship.


Sky seems quite intrigued by Bloom at first and over the course of the first season, it grows into more, as he spends more time with her. They eventually kiss, but Bloom briefly betrays him by knocking him unconscious under Rosalind's influence. Although Sky was confused and angry at this later on, they eventually make up.


Season One

Changes from Winx Club

Sky is an adaptation of Sky Winxlink.png from Winx Club Winxlink.png. The original Sky was the prince of Eraklyon, then King when his father Erendor abdicated. It is unknown if Fate's Sky is royalty as well or not, although he and his father Andreas are only acknowledged as being from Eraklyon rather than ruling it. In the early seasons of Winx Club, Sky had switched places with Brandon, his sire and best friend, as to avoid threats on his life and have a more normal life, although since Brandon has yet to have become a character and Sky is not seen as a royal, it is unknown what his life before was. Moreover, Sky had not been romantically involved with Stella before, though he'd been arranged to be married for political reasons to Diaspro, a high-born Eraklyon teenager of his age.


  • Though his father was called Andreas of Eraklyon, it is unknown if Sky has spent any time of his childhood in Eraklyon.
  • It is unknown who his mother is, since she is never mentioned nor alluded to.


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