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"People expect me to care how I look."

Stella is one of the main characters from Fate: The Winx Saga. She is portrayed by Hannah van der Westhuysen.

She is a light fairy[1][2] attending Alfea and Crown Princess of Solaria[3].


Early Life

From a young age, she was tutored by her mother to be the strongest and never to be shown as weak. Prior to the beginning of Season 1, Stella was studying her fairy magic with her mother, who was obsessed with her having power. Initially using positive emotions to channel magic, Luna decided that Stella's magic wasn't powerful enough, and so quickly taught her to use negative emotions. This resulted in her losing control of her power and accidentally blinding her best friend Ricki. Not wanting to show her weakness, her mother told everyone that it was done on purpose, as being a powerful psychopath was better than losing control and blinding someone on accident. Luna then sent her to Alfea, where Farah was instructed to rehabilitate Stella so that she would not lose control, but would still be powerful.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Having already broken up with Sky, Stella starts the new year welcoming her new suitemates as she is a student mentor. Seeing her initial interaction with Sky, Stella is jealous of Bloom, and by the end of her first day lends her her gateway ring as a way to get her home. Her connection with Sky however is still prominent, as she goes to him for comfort once the other suitemates and Headmistress Dowling go to save Bloom.

After learning that Bloom had lost her ring, Stella becomes worried, as the ring is a family heirloom and her mother would not be happy that she lost it. As a result, she lashes out at Bloom and the others to help retrieve the ring without letting the headmistress know.

Throughout the series, she is seen being distant and cold toward her roommates as the pressures of being a princess lead her to isolate herself from all others except Sky. She continues a relationship with Sky, constantly worrying about his relationship with Bloom and whether or not he truly cares for her. After her mother's interaction with Stella and Farah in the Headmistress' office, Luna makes Stella feel week, telling her she should be able to do magic far more advanced than making a rainbow. She immediately goes to Sky for comfort, however, Sky is upset with her. After telling Riven about Bloom's changeling status during a party, he spreads the information throughout the school. Sky, becoming worried about Bloom, finds out that it was Stella who informed Riven and finally ends his relationship with her.


In the beginning of the series, it's shown that Stella is very uptight as well as somewhat snooty. She appears to be very focused on her appearance as well as the way others view her. This is especially evident in the scene from To the Waters and the Wild, where she claims to change her outfit multiple times a day.

Stella is also established to easily become jealous if a person happens to show romantic interest in her previous love interest, Sky. Further shown in the aforementioned first episode where Stella decides to give Bloom her Gateway Ring to teleport back to the First World, not explaining to her the potential dangers that could arise. She is later shown to have felt guilty about this thanks to Musa's mind powers and admits to giving away the ring. While the other girls, go on with the Headmistress Dowling to the First World to assist Bloom, Stella goes to Sky for comfort, know that the other girls are upset with her.

In the second episode No Strangers Here, after learning the fate of her ring, Stella is extremely adamant about retrieving her ring, Not wanting to upset her mother, going as far as to actively lash out against her roommates when they suggest asking the Headmistress for assistance. When she forges a plan to retrieve the ring from the Burned One, she specifically guilt trips Bloom into going with her, due to her being the reason it had been lost to begin with. Later on in the episode, she attempts to help Bloom with her magic by taunting her failures and mistakes at a borderline sadistic level, claiming that negative emotions will bring out the most power.

During the mission, when Aisha decides to accompany bloom to make sure her powers don't cause trouble, Stella is noticeably very reluctantly to let her come. When they get to the captured Burned One's prison and find out it's escaped, Stella becomes noticeably worried about upsetting her mother. When her and Aisha go deeper into the forest to attempt to locate Bloom, she tries to use her light magic to brighten the forest, only to find it doesn't work. Aisha quick grows impatient and tells her to go back to Alfea. Once she arrives, Stella confesses what happens to Sky and that she couldn't use her magic in the forest, obviously very worried. At the end, when Bloom gives her back the ring, she quickly says they should never speak of the matter again.


She is a beautiful blonde with porcelain skin.[3] She has blue eyes which turn yellow on activating her abilities. She is often seen sporting pink outfits and with a range of different hairstyles.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Fairy Abilities

  • Channeling: Like every fairy, Stella possesses the ability to channel her own emotions as a source of power to fuel her magic. She also has the ability to channel the Stone Circle.
  • Eye-Color Shifting: Once Stella's powers are in use her eyes shift to a yellow color.

Light Fairy Abilities

Stella using her powers.

  • Photokinesis: Stella possesses the ability to generate and manipulate light. She applies this in many ways through creating light to hover over her, generate light and a variety of colors in the palms of hands.
    • Light Dispersion/Color Generation: In Some Wrecked Angel, the lesson Miss Dowling, Stella used her powers to change the color of the light created by it.
    • Invisibility: Another application of Stella's powers is to render herself unseen and become invisible by bending the light surrounding her. Once she is in this state she is able to move around without being observed. She used this power to reside in the Winx Suite for several days without being detected.


  • Gateway Ring: As the heir to the throne of Solaria, Stella possesses the family heirloom of Solaria. This ring enables the user to travel through different realms. In To the Waters and the Wild, Bloom uses the ring to visit Gardenia. Stella often uses the ring in order to escape the occurrences of the Otherworld. The ring possesses very significant value as it was imperative that it was retrieved from one of the Burned Ones.



Stella's relationship with her mother is strained. It is revealed in the first season that when Stella was young and being tutored positive emotions did not help her harness as much power as negative emotions did, so Luna forced Stella to focus on negative emotions. But negative emotions made Stella's magic erratic, which caused her to accidentally blind her friend Ricki. Luna, then to keep up the appearance of being strong and in control, made everyone believe that Stella did not lose control but instead blinded Ricki on purpose.


Ricki does not appear in the show, but some facts are know about her because of conversations about and with Stella. Ricki was Stella's best friend who was blinded by Stella's magic when she lost control of it. Luna, Stella's mother, made everyone think that Stella blinded Ricki on purpose because she was flirting with Sky, Stella's boyfriend at the time, which made Stella blind her on purpose. It is not known if Ricki is still at Alfea or not.


In their first year at Alfea, Sky and Stella shared a romantic relationship. In their second year this occurs again however due to the threat of Bloom and Sky becoming a couple. Their relationship is described as "toxic" and "co-dependant" due to Stella's lack of emotional support and Sky's need to offer it in order to not focus on his own problems. In "A Fanatic Heart" Stella establishes the problems in their relationship and once again breaks up with Sky.


Stella and Bloom's relationship starts staggered as Stella is threatened by Bloom's presence. Her attempts to aid her are simply ploys to get her out of the picture so things could return to their prior state. This fued is over by the fifth episode of the series as Stella chooses to help Bloom in freeing Rosalind.


Kat seems to be a friend of Stella.


Stella and Terra's relationship excedes any of the other suite girls as Terra grew up around Alfea therefore knows many second years. In most of the two's interactions Stella seems quite annoyed with the acts of Terra and constantly hurls mean words at her. However, with the common goal of helping Bloom, their differences are put aside and a true bond starts to form by the end of the season.


Musa and Stella do not interact much in the first season but most moments shared are fuelled by tension until their common goal is established.


Throughout season one, Stella and Aisha constantly bicker on what is beneficial for Bloom aswell as their own personal quarrels and qualms. These are all resolved by the final episode when Aisha decides to join in the fight against the Burned Ones.


Season One

Changes from Winx Club

Stella is an adaptation of Stella Winxlink.png from Winx Club Winxlink.png. However, unlike in the animated series, Stella formerly dated Sky before the start of the series.


  • Stella is the oldest member in the group.
  • Netflix created a spotify playlist for the character.


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