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Vanessa Peters is a recurring character from Fate: The Winx Saga. She is portrayed by Eva Birthistle.


Early Life

In 2004, Vanessa gave birth to a human daughter who had a heart defect. it lead lead to her dying soon after her birth. Unbeknownst to her or her husband, their baby was replaced with a fairy child, Bloom.

They raised this child as their own for the following years.

Vanessa and Bloom had a troubled relationship. Vanessa did not understand Bloom's interests and that she was introverted, trying to force her own ideas of teen hobbies on Bloom. Eventually, an explosive argument that resulted in her asking Mike to take down Bloom's bedroom door, robbing her of privacy, forcing her to either agree with her mother's ideas of what she should be doing, or not have the right to her privacy.

In the middle of the following night, an enraged and hurt Bloom let out her fire fairy powers to set fire to the house and attack her mother. Vanessa suffered third-degree burns.

After the fire, Bloom was seemingly accepted to a private school in Switzerland and left Gardenia.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Vanessa is first seen in To the Waters and the Wind. Mike and Vanessa call Bloom to ensure she has settled in and they notice is it a bit bright for the time zone she should be in. She hears another persons call 'lights out' and hangs up. Bloom calls Vanessa the next day without facetime.


Vanessa seems to be stubborn and has issues with Bloom taking a different path to the one she was on. Though she seems to love her daughter, she doesn't seem to understand her, leading to abusive tendencies. According to Bloom, she was a “basic bitch” in her earlier years. However, after Bloom moves out and talks to Vanessa during the year, her mother seems to have mellowed out a bit more, now invested in her daughter’s life.


Vanessa is a very pretty woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has burn scars on her arms and possibly other places. She is only seen wearing long sleeves since the fire.



Vanessa married Mike at prior to the series and together they became parents when their biological daughter was born. Unfortunately this daughter died and was secretly switched with Bloom leaving them unaware.


Vanessa had a complicated relationship with her daughter. Though she does seem to love her, she has issues both understanding Bloom's interests and communicating, leading to robbing her of her privacy and trying to force her into a lifestyle she's comfortable with. She seems to have mellowed out now that Bloom has left home.


Season One

Changes from Winx Club

Vanessa Peters is an adaptation of Vanessa Winxlink.png from Winx Club Winxlink.png. The original Vanessa was a brunette with brown eyes while this one is blonde with blue eyes. The original Bloom and Vanessa seemed to have the perfect relationship despite being a prank in the first episode. Additionally, the original Vanessa owned a flower shop and knew about Bloom’s adoption, whereas this version had no idea.


  • Vanessa and Mike's biological daughter was likely named Bloom.




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